For many, summer offers a chance to try out trendy fashion clothes. With the dynamic nature of the women’s fashion industry, women’s shrug have turned out to be quite common. A shrug can simply go with any fashion that there are these days. It offers women the opportunity to layer up and play around with different looks. More women have taken to incorporating this trendy piece of garment into their everyday dressing style. The good thing about shrugs is that they can be comfortably worn during winters and summers, depending on the look one wants to achieve.

Types of Shrugs

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Types of shrugs to choose from

Looking to find the perfect shrug to flaunt this summer? Here are the different kinds of shrugs available in the market.

Long shrugs

This kind of shrug is long and goes way past your waist and can reach up to your ankles. Long shrugs particularly pair well with skinny jeans.

Fringed shrugs

A fringed shrug has numerous threads hanging from its edges and never goes past the knees. One way to wear this kind of shrug would be with jean shorts or over a bikini at the beach.

Cropped shrugs

Call it the mini version of a shrug. Cropped shrugs often settle above the waist and can even be shorter. Because of the shortness and cuteness they present, a summer dress will go perfectly with this shrug design.

Floral shrugs

Floral shrugs have floral prints and go well with sleeveless summer dresses. They also compliment solid-colored tees and tank tops.

Lacy shrugs

Looking to up your feminine look? Why not go for the lacy shrug design? Lacy shrugs have beautiful yarn patterns weaved into the fabric and give out a sexy vibe when donned. They go well with palazzo pants or even shorts worn with tank tops. Perfect for evening events and cocktails.

Final Thoughts

No matter your fashion preferences, having a shrug in your wardrobe can be a great way of defining your personal taste. They are cute, stylish and can go a long way in boosting your confidence and overall appearance.