4 Types of Rainwater Tanks That Will Help You in Conserving Water

Types of Rainwater Tanks

When different parts of the world are facing a shortage of water, it is essential to conserve water for domestic as well as commercial purposes. One of the most traditional and easy ways of conserving water is by installing water tanks in your property. The tanks are designed to collect and store rainwater during monsoon. . This water can be used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, washing cars, drinking and much more.

There are numerous tank manufacturers offering a variety of tanks like the round water tanks, slimline tanks, underdeck tanks, underground tanks and much more. So, if you are planning to install a rainwater tank on your property, make a thorough study of different types of tank available in the market to choose the one that suits your needs. Below is the list of different types of rainwater tanks that will help you in conserving water. Read the blog to know more.

1. Slimline rainwater tanks

The rising need of conserving water in the drought-ridden parts of Australia has lead to the rising demand for an array of rainwater storage solution including slimline rainwater storage tanks. This type of tank is perfect for those who have a limited amount of space on their property and cannot accommodate the traditional round tanks. The best feature of the new age slimline tanks is that they can fit into tight spaces without compromising the amount of storage.

These tanks are made from high-quality raw materials such as ultraviolet stable polyethylene that keeps the stored water healthy. Slimline tanks are easy to transport, assemble and install in the little corner of your property. They are also available in a variety of colours to suit your aesthetic tastes and requirements.

2. Round rainwater tanks

When it comes to domestic and commercial purposes, round rainwater tanks are the most conventional form of water storage unit. These tanks are rigid and sturdy as they are created from a single piece of cylindrical construction that gives them extra strength and stability. Made from superior quality of UV stable polyethylene, round tanks go through a lot of hard tests to ensure that they withstand the tough conditions of nature. So if you are searching for a small water tank for your home or a larger one for your business, you have an excellent option in the form of round rainwater tanks.

3. Underdeck rainwater tanks

Does your home or office have a limited ground or roof space? Don’t worry as you can store water in underdeck rainwater tanks. These underground tanks are very easy to install and require minimum maintenance. To ensure safety, a load bearing is installed over the tank. The best feature of underdeck tanks is that they can be grouped in any layout and feature flat panel at the sides for extra fittings to enhance storage capacity.

4. Underground rainwater tanks

If you don’t want your rainwater tank to take up a valuable space of your property, opt for underground rainwater tanks. Place these tanks under the lawn or away from the main building of your home to utilize the maximum amount of space available in your property. These tanks are specially designed with ribbed surface so that they can support the soil surrounding them when buried. Use underground tanks to get an efficient supply of water without compromising your property area.

Now, that you have understood the different types rainwater tanks and their purposes, why waste time? Rush to your nearest tank manufacturer and get the right tank fort your house or business.