High quality luxury watches are collectibles whose value has increased in the last few years, unlike other products whose value decreases as the age of the product increases. However, watches from the top luxury watch brands are very expensive, costing $10000 or more which everyone may not be able to afford. So luxury watch buyers would like to find out if there are high-quality luxury watches available, that cost less than $5000. The Tudor Heritage Chrono is one of the most reasonably priced luxury watches available more details about this luxury watch and options available are provided below, to help buyers choose the right watch from the different options available.

Tudor Heritage Chrono


The Heritage Chrono watch was first introduced by Tudor in 2013 and has a 42 mm steel case with a polished satin-like finish. No batteries are required for the watch since it has a self-winding movement, Calibre T401, and a separate movement for the chronograph. The power reserve of the watch is approximately forty-two hours. The watch has a steel winding crown of screw-down type, which is embossed with the Tudor logo. The watch is designed to be waterproof to a depth of 150 meters, The watch also displays the date at the 6 o clock position. The watch uses a sapphire crystal. The disc of the watch is made from anodized aluminum

The chronographs of the watch are located at the nine-o-clock and 3 o clock positions. While most watches have a chronograph for only 30 minutes, the Heritage Chrono has a 45-minute chronograph at the nine o clock position while the other chronograph is a seconds chronograph. The seller offers a five-year warranty on each watch he sells, which is transferable. No registration is required for getting the warranty, indicating that the seller is confident about the quality. Additionally, no periodic checks for maintenance of the watch are required. All the watches have orange markers for minutes and white markers for hours

Tudor Heritage Chrono watch


The watch is available with a stainless steel bracelet or fabric strap. Since the fabric strap is less durable, watches with a fabric strap, are usually approximately $300 cheaper. The steel bracelet provided has a safety catch and folding clasp. There are at least six different variants of the watch available which differ in color combination. The opaline and blue dial is the most popular color combination and is available with a steel bracelet or fabric strap. The fabric strap is mainly blue in color, with a white and orange strip in the middle of the watch strap

Similarly, there are other models which use a grey and black dial or black and grey dial, with the color of the chronograph and the dial interchanged in these watches. However, the models with a fabric strap have the same design of fabric strap while these models with a stainless steel silver colored bracelet are also available for those who will use their watch frequently and do not wish to waste time changing the fabric watch strap which is more likely to get damaged.

By Punit