Top 5 Things to Do in Croatia to Explore Natural Beauty

Any time you think of natural beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is Croatia. Located in the most metropolitan region of the European continent, it would be hard to believe how much this country bestows. With possibly the highest number of tourist attraction sites, Croatia seems to host a huge turnover of tourists all year round. Not only has this improved its economy, but it has also promoted its people’s heritage, culture, and appreciation for their country. Croatia is the land of vast diversity, and the top 5 things it has to offer anyone touring or planning to stay are as follows.

Things to Do in Croatia

1. Countless islands and beautiful beaches.

Among the things that make Croatia famous, its numerous islands and beautiful beaches top the list. Being home to more than 1500 islands, this country offers the most thrilling island hopping experience ever. Right from the tiniest, most romantic and most pristine Galesnjak, the Hvar, Vis and Korcula fishing villages, historical pirate queen’s Island Svetac, the bigger Krk Island to the legendary Elaphiti islands and Kornati archipelagos, you definitely are going to enjoy every day of your stay here.

With these islands offering the calmest azure waters of the sea, the most interesting caves such as the Blue Grotto, cool diving coasts and long stretches of beautiful beaches, there is no reason to get bored when visiting Croatia.

Things to Do in Croatia

2. Great tourist attraction sites.

In addition to the thousands of islands that await you in Croatia, there is a myriad of fresh tourist sites that await your discovery. The Dubrovnik coastal town is the first, with a very rich history, and ancient walls that you can walk to have the perfect view of the Adriatic and the islands afloat its waters. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is probably the most beautiful place on earth with a clever fusion of at multiple lakes, waterfalls, flora, and fauna-food for your eyes as well as a fun spot to sail, dive, swim, hike and has a picnic.

The beaches that are in close vicinity from most parts of Croatia’s towns, its mainland and islands will offer maximum relaxation especially if you enjoy water sports. Hiking and biking are also other activities that attract people to this country, especially if you want to leave your mark at the Marjan Hill. There is absolutely no limit as to what fun activities you can have when touring Croatia.

Things to Do in Croatia

3. Affordable high-quality real estate.

In addition to the great accommodation offered in most parts of the country, Croatia’s real estate investment has also become a thing here. Given its diversity in terms of cultures and the great number of tourists visiting it year in year out, investors have started flocking in to purchase and lease residential spaces, hotels, land and other real estate properties. The good news is that most of the real estate here is really affordable especially when compared to the more developed neighboring countries. No matter what your property preferences and needs are, the diverse Croatian landscape will have it all for you.


4. Superb hospitality.

Given the untouched nature of most parts of Croatia, you may be fooled into believing that it’s all bush and primitive. Well, if this is what you are after in terms of fun and accommodation, then having a picnic, hiking, and camping in one of the uninhabited islands will be your best bet. If you are after a more modern experience, then there are thousands of hotels ready to offer you world-class service and hospitality.

Native food and wine is in plenty here, thanks to the rich vineyards at Vis and other islands of this country. Accommodation is offered in whatever way you like, whether a vacation home, simple hotel rooms or high-end options. If you are all about an active nightlife, then nightclubs and various festivals in towns such as Split should be on your to-do list.

Things to Do in Croatia

5. Rich historical attractions.

Talk museums, art galleries, churches and other historical monuments in Europe, and it becomes definite that you should visit Croatia. Its numerous UNESCO sites should be first in your list of places to visit. These UNESCO World Heritage sites are rich in history and culture and they include its Plitvice Lakes National Park, Diocletian Palace, Old City of Dubrovnik, St. James Cathedral in Sibenik, Trogir City, Hvar’s Stari Grad Plain, and the Euphrasian Basilica’s Episcopal Complex.

The museums in various towns and islands in Croatia, including the Museum of Broken Relationships, are definitely rich sources of Croatia’s and Europe’s history. Take time to visit them and interact with people here, and you will turn into a fountain of cultural and historical knowledge.

One of the greatest characteristics of Croatia is the fact that it has this unique ability to capture everyone’s heart within a fraction of a second. Its beauty is to say the least, irresistible and its people know just how to welcome and keep their visitors wanting more. Regardless of age, cultural origin, vacationing preferences and differences in personality, Croatia has more than enough to offer its visitors as well as those who plan to stay.