Recognise The Efforts Of Your Employees

A recognition program as formal as this is a mere formality. If you want to recognize the efforts of your employees, you can try the below-mentioned tips to recognize the efforts of your employees. Take a look. 

Ever wondered why even when your company just like most of the companies, has a recognition program in place cannot really see the results? The answer to it is that the same happens because they are not effective enough. A more specific reason can be the use of formal guidelines that hardly go beyond praising the employees verbally. 

1. Consider each employee an individual

Put simply, every employee would not appreciate one perennial recognition method that you follow. So, it is necessary for you to identify which recognition methods work for whom. For instance, some may like to be praised publicly while others may not like the limelight but a good one-on-one appreciation. HR and payroll management software can also be used to track the goals and achievements of each employee and announce the same through posts.

2. There is nothing as too soon

There is no time as the right time to appreciate the employees for their effort. So, don’t wait and start appreciating the effort as soon as possible. The longer you will wait to appreciate the employees, the lower the impact would be.

3. Give details to recognize the efforts

If you want to make the employee glow with happiness, you should praise them properly. Now, praising them properly means that you should highlight what you really liked about their work or them. Why are you exactly giving them recognition?

4. Be real and genuine

So, make sure the efforts you put in are genuine. Appreciate the efforts of employees individually and don’t do it for the sake of it. For instance, avoid being the kind of manager that holds one meeting in a month and tells all the employees collectively through a message on HR and payroll management software that they are doing a commendable job. Doesn’t that sound too fake?

5. Skip criticism, even the constructive one

When you are praising the employees, so it with all your heart. Don’t try to balance it out or diminish its importance by adding a but or telling them how it could have been better. If you want to tell them about the areas they need to improve, you can tell them at the time of the appraisal meeting or any other meeting but not at this time.

6. Find reasons to praise the employees

We have found that employers tend to get busy with their work and overlook the little efforts made by the employees. In order to keep employees motivated, you should begin telling the employees about how you notice the little things that they do for the company like staying back for a day even after the working hours should be appreciated. 

So, use the above-mentioned tips to recognize the efforts of the employees and keep productivity high.

By AlenParker

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