Making your property seem more glamorous sounds like a plan that would require major investments on your part. Is this always going to be the case? Of course not. You see, making the place look and feel luxurious and actually making it luxurious aren’t necessarily the same. In a way, one could argue that luxury itself cannot be defined as anything other than the perception of wealth. So, if you make the place feel luxurious, you’ve actually made it luxurious, regardless of the cost of separate elements.

How do you actually achieve this?

Well, there are several elements that are often associated with glamour. Here’s a shortlist and a couple of tips on how to combine them.

1.      Get a chandelier

Sure, LED downlights are more convenient and more frugal but if you’re aiming for glamour, you need to add a chandelier. Unlike pendants, chandeliers can light up an entire room and there’s a way to fit them in every single area of your home. There are many different variants and sizes. If you want to go for a chandelier that creates the best visual effect, what you should focus on is decorating the room with metallics and picking the same material for the chandelier. Sure, a chandelier is expensive and not something that you can install on your own.

2.      Statement curtains

While we’re talking about hanging things for decoration, you can’t go wrong with statement curtains. Now, these curtains can be heavy and non-transparent but this doesn’t mean that they should necessarily obstruct the way. They’re inside in order to replicate the look of marble pillars and give your entire interior a classical look. They can also give the windows an additional expression. Plush rugs are an additional idea that you could resort to. Just go for a rich-looking carpet and you’ll quickly be able to add a whole new tactile dimension to the area.

3.      Make a pergola

In order to make your outdoor more luxurious, you need to figure out the situation regarding shade. According to pergolas experts, going for construction is a preferable solution. A pergola is more frugal than a gazebo and far more aesthetic than solutions like parasols, shade sails, etc. Even a retractable awning is not ideal, seeing as how making a pergola isn’t necessarily ideal. Unlike pergola, it covers a much smaller area and it doesn’t look nearly as elegant. Also, a pergola is a structure that allows many different options, from growing vines against it all the way to other design solutions.

4.      Metallic elements

Knobs and pulls in your living room need an update. That much is clear. So, try replacing your knobs and pulls as soon as possible. How do you make this work with the rest of your interior? Imagine any room as a painting. The main color pallet of the place (furniture, flooring, walls) is just the background. Details are actual contours of the painting. This is why you need to accessorize your interior with as many metallic details and elements as possible. Fortunately, once you get going, it will be easy to avoid making an element feel like it belongs. These elements seem especially impressive when paired with a hardwood floor.

5.      Mirror, mirror on the wall

The silver splash of light produced by a mirror is one of the most efficient ways to illuminate your room with natural light, without making additional windows. A mirror also creates an illusion of depth, which is why it makes your standard room feel substantially larger. Most important of all, when it comes to adding glamour to your home, adding several mirrors to your living room may make it feel like an audience chamber. Just think about the use of mirrors in courts of old and you’ll see exactly what we’re aiming for.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to understand is that adding glamour benefits you regardless of whether you want to sell the place or keep living there. Feeling like you’re living in a court is a reward on its own. However, a luxurious place (at a reasonable price) will feel like a bargain, which will allow you to find a buyer in a matter of days. Overall, the above-listed five tips are always handy to know, even if you don’t need them right away.