Pest infestations are a common problem and if you have ever experienced one, you are probably very eager to prevent it from happening again in the future. If you are unsure how to avoid it, whether you have experience with pests or not, this article will provide you with information you need to maintain a proactive approach.

Keeping Your Home Free of Pests


An important step to keep pests away from your home is to understand the structure of your building. If you have predominantly wooden structures, you are at a heightened risk to attract termites as they live off cellulose fibre. Dark, warm, and humid areas are also ideal spots for cockroaches and other insects. Once the insects lay their eggs, containing the infestation becomes a lot more difficult. What can help is to stay on track. Conducting regular check-ups and avoiding cluttering of spaces can help prevent the spread. Further, try to clean the areas regularly, even if you do not use them. 

Smaller insects can additionally enter your homes through cracks in the wall. If you notice any changes like that in your walls, do not wait to get it looked at or fixed. Moreover, having food crumbs and other opened food packaging lying around, can attract pests. This does not only ruin your food, but you will also have an influx of pests on your hand. To avoid this, attempt to place opened food into airtight containers, particularly when sugary and fatty, as this otherwise attracts insects such as ants.

Moreover, clean off any leftovers from your surfaces. Sometimes, even after following all these steps, you might still find ants around cupboards. In this case, try to use common measures against ants. Again, be mindful of your food and beverages in your home, as avoiding drawing pests in remains an excellent preventative measure. 

Know when to call in experts

Sometimes it does take more than home remedies to keep pests out of your home. With large parts of Australia being overrun by mice, the risk of rodents and other pests infesting your home might have been on your mind recently and to ensure you are particularly prepared to fight off any pests, you can get the necessary help from your local infestation experts. Proactive Pest Solutions, a leading expert in the field, can both consult and provide you with the necessary proactive measures to keep your home free of pests. 

Tips if you are moving or buying vintage furniture

If you are renting a furnished property, ensure to check the furniture and interior, such as carpets, prior to moving in. Doing this can both prevent your belongings from being damaged and instead, you can take any necessary measures before moving everything. Should you love a good vintage bargain, then that is completely understandable. Buying vintage items does not only reduce waste but there can truly be treasures amongst them. However, it is important that these items, especially furniture, have been maintained and stored properly over the years. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask the seller beforehand.

Final remarks

Keeping pests out of your home does not have be to be overwhelming. Aim to stay proactive and eliminate any potential risks. Should you ever find yourself in doubt, then you can seek out a consultation.

By Punit