Taking Admission in Quantity Surveying

Civil engineering is one of the prominent fields in dealing with infrastructure construction and designing. Cost analysis, planning, and designing are some of the important aspects related to infrastructure building. And Quantity surveying is also one of the methods used in this field. To deal with the different aspects of risk management, cost evaluation, planning, designing, and tendering analysis, procurement, and value determination, you need to be a master of quantity surveying.

The pandemic or the lockdown due to coronavirus has affected every individual across the world. Unemployment has increased not only in India but also in other countries. It had hit the economy again as earlier like the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Depression of 1930. Does losing a job or taking a pay cut or just staring at an uncertain future has made everyone think about the career or changing the career.

Quantity Surveying is one of the streams which also got impacted by the pandemic. It is also an important part of the finance sector and overall economy, which is one of the reasons why more and more people are sticking to this industry even in such difficult times. The creation of job opportunities is also one of the reasons why schools are adding realistic programs. But, when you pursue an MBA, you can get a wide overview of the market within the country as well as the international market.

If you want to build a rewarding and successful quantity surveying career, follow the tips listed below to get admission to one of the top Quantity Surveying institutes:

Know your strengths and skills:

Before you enroll in the Quantity Surveying course, you should determine your unique skills, interests, and capabilities. Know that there are no shortcuts to success, and you’ll need to invest enough time and effort to attain the qualities of a Quantity Surveyor. Also, you should be interested in developing analytical, numeracy, time management, presentation, and communication skills.

Look for an institute that is focused on soft skills and academic education equally

Though countless advanced tools are used for various Quantity Surveying tasks, aspirants should know the art of managing and dealing with people. Hence, it is important to get admission to an educational institute that offers quantity surveying courses and helps scholars develop people skills.

Be prepared to deal with the challenges that may come your way

The quantity surveying course isn’t as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of individuals who apply for the course. Hence, you should be ready to deal with the challenges of the course (and profession). The institutes prepare students to deal with intense competition prevailing in the professional world. For this reason, things get harder and intense during the training and education period.

Develop good presentation skills:

Highly reputed Quantity surveying institutes also consider the presentation of the candidates before considering their admission. Some institutes conduct in-house exams to test the individuals’ capability, but a few also check their speaking, communication, and other skills during the admission process. It helps the administrators in ensuring that the candidate is fit for the Quantity surveying course.

Work hard to get admission into your dream college

Hard work is important to achieve big things in your professional life. And the process gets started as soon as you enroll for the course in this specialization. You’ll need to involve yourself in both theory and practice to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to handle various aspects of the job, including paperwork handling.

Think big and stay focused on your goal

Focus on building soft skills and learning concepts that offer key insights into the field. Additionally, you should make yourself capable enough to present the big picture for your clients. You can attain all these practical skills during your course. Plus, develop ways of training yourself for an international-level profile. A high-profile college like the RICS School of Built Environment can help you achieve your career goals. Visit the website for admissions.

Final Say

It is a long journey to being a high-end and successful quantity surveyor. However, if you are looking for a profession that offers variety and involves travel opportunities and dealing with different people, QS is the right career option.