When you finally discover the property that you want to rent after many pieces of research to the neighborhood, you may be in a hurry to move in. Instead of investment, if you’re not careful rental property can be expensive for you.

Remember, various factors determine the rent of a property such as its location, infrastructure, neighborhood, and amenities. Property to let you must look at some things to make your stay pleasant, you must consider certain things before moving in.

Renting to Let Property

1. Research about the locality

First, choose a locality that is near you and your family’s workplace. This will not only save your time but also save your traveling cost. Look for the social infrastructures like bank branches, markets, hospitals, schools, parks, etc. you would want to leave your home and belongings safe and secure. Check if the locality also has CCTV surveillance systems and security guards to protect your place when you are out.

2. Consider the overall cost

A monthly amount is not only the cost you have to pay while shifting to a rented place. You will have to pay other expenses such as advance rent, security deposit broker’s fee, etc. set your budget according to these things also.

3. Read your rent agreement carefully

Before finalizing the rent agreement, carefully read clauses that specify the period for which you will stay and the period after which your property rent may increase. If you find any clauses disagreeable, talk to the owner of the property and get the clauses changed immediately.

4. Check the goods

If you’re looking for a fully furnished apartment, do have a look at the appliances or furniture that are being provided to you. Ensure that these goods are in a working condition and not damaged. In case, you find any damage then tell the landlord to replace or repair.

5. Do the basic check

You would not like broken electrical fixtures, or choking bathroom sink in your new house. Check all the taps and switches to see if the lights are working all right and the water flow is fine. Also check is there is no seepage inside the house or any other damage.

6. Check the doors and windows

Check the doors, windows, and locks of the property, it is another way to ensure the safety at your new place. Before finalizing a property, make sure you check these for any repair or default. It is important to check before finalizing the property to avoid unwanted issues.

7. Ask the neighbor

Your new neighbor could be the best people for you to give the right information and opinions about the place, locality, and also about your landlord.

8. Read electric meters

Before you step into a rented house always check the reading of the electric meter. In. fact, it is better to take a picture of the reading of meter that will help you to check the accuracy of the electricity bill. Don’t forget to ask your landlord about any dues.

This confirmations may keep you safe from many unwanted troubles. Keep in touch with us to get answers to all your queries.

By Punit