Sell Residential Properties

Being an old tradition, open houses help homeowners to find a suitable tenant for their vacant lodging unit. Usually, such events are organized on weekends to receive maximum visitors. As people are free on weekends, they attend the event conveniently. With different perceptions in their minds, a few people assume open houses solely to be an easy way to find new clients for real estate agents. It doesn’t help homeowners at all to sell or rent their dwellings. Despite these misconceptions, another group of people considers it as the right way to find authentic buyers. The activity can be subdivided into two types Public Open House (general public) and Broker Open House (real estate agents).

Irrespective of its type basic aim of organizing an open house is to expose properties to prospective buyers and tenants. Besides this, it will also provide homeowners with a value able feedback about their home. This helps them to make essential improvements in their home. It is to get good returns upon selling and renting. Regardless of these positive and negative opinions of people, open houses could not be neglected completely.

The activity promises to offer certain benefits to everyone involved in this activity. This includes homeowners, buyers, tenants, and real estate agents. A few prominent benefits, open houses offer to homeowners is saving their time. It is while allowing them to show their home to multiple buyers and tenants in a short period of time.

Perhaps, you have decided to get your house registered for the next open house in your neighborhood. It is necessary to inspect your house before participating in this event. Here I am discussing a few simple tips for every homeowner willing to sell residential properties in Dubai via an open house.

1. Your home should be ready by all means for an open house

As your primary aim to register your house for this event is to find a suitable buyer or renter, you have to pay special attention to clean and improve the curb appeal factor. It’s obvious you are not going to rebuild or construct an interior or exterior of your house. Rather you will opt for several other simple ways to improve the existing condition. A fresh coat of paint, removing clutter and cleaning can give your home a fresh look. You can do it yourself or you can even hire a professional if you are planning for extra maintenance work like cleaning of gutter lines. These minor home improvements can improve the aesthetically appearance of your home.

2. Stage your home properly

You may arrange furniture and decorative items according to requirements and personal preferences. As your aim is to display your house to find buyers or tenants, you should rearrange your house in a way to make it look more spacious. You should be very careful while taking any kind of decision to alter interiors of your home as it is responsible for creating the first impressions in the mind of visitors, who might be interested in buying it. If you have prepared your house perfectly, you can successfully get serious buyers to come back.

3. Schedule the event wisely

Do not completely rely on agents to schedule the event for your asset. Pick a suitable time on your own. Preferably, try to schedule it at the same time when other open houses are scheduled in your neighborhood. It will divert the maximum number of viewers to visit your home who are looking to purchase or rent a house in your area. Also, list your property in a weekly online open house listing of any reputable property management company for better exposure.

4. Make a sign-in sheet for visitors

Although it is very simple thing to do, it will help you to maintain a proper record of people who have visited your house during the event. What you need to do is to put a sheet on which all visitors are required to write down their names, contact numbers, and email addresses. After the event, you can contact them to collect their feedback.

5. Stay away from home during the open house

It is better not to stay in your house during the event. Being a homeowner, you have to answer any questions to visitors about your home and reasons why you are selling your home. Also, remove personal items like family photographs to create the impression that property is vacant and no one is living here. The idea behind doing this is to allow visitors to imagine they are living in the house. Avoid providing too much information to visitors. Giving too much info will limit you to negotiate further with potential clients.

6. Act like a professional while answering questions

Behave like a professional person and answer questions with patience. People who are attending the event may point out and ask about critical things like quality, brand, and age of home fixtures and appliances. Don’t get emotional if you receive any harsh comments about your homestay neutral and provide real answers. Don’t answer the things you are not sure about. But prepare an answer for typical questions about property taxes, fitted home appliances, and other things.


Every homeowner should consider following these simple tips while planning to host the event of the open house to find buyers and tenants for their residential dwellings.