Do you own a home that boasts of beautiful stucco siding?  While stucco is known for its low maintenance and durability, no product will stay in mint condition forever.  Thus, it is important to implement a regular inspection as way to maintain your stucco and catch any small problems before they turn into larger issues.  Continue reading to learn more about the proper way to inspect your stucco to ensure even the smallest of flaws are repaired quickly, so your siding lasts longer!

Stucco Inspection

A Walk Around Inspection

Once a year, circle the entirety of your home and look closely to see if you notice any damage or deterioration to your stucco.  Pay special attention to any areas of discoloration, mold or mildew growth, and/or cracking that has occurred. 

Over the years, your siding is constantly impacted by changing weather conditions, freezing, and expanding.  If your stucco wasn’t installed correctly in the first place, you can expect it to be more vulnerable to damage.  It is possible for stucco to sustain diagonal, spider, hairline, patterned cracks, or even cracks on the foam trim.  Some cracks (typically diagonal and hairline cracks) may be insignificant enough for you to do a DIY repair with compound; however, it is always best to allow the professionals to conduct a thorough inspection and repair any significant damage.

If you’ve noticed the beginnings of any of the other aforementioned cracks, it is highly possible your stucco was not properly installed in the beginning.  It is also extremely likely the problems could go much deeper than the exterior.  In such cases, it is of utmost importance that you allow the professionals to inspect and conduct repairs on your home as it is probable the problems penetrate deep beneath the siding and have comprised the structural integrity of the home.

Don’t be afraid to take a sniff

During the inspection process, don’t be afraid to take a sniff.  Sometimes mold growth cannot be easily identified by the eye alone.  Smelling your stucco can help you to identify when mold or mildew issues are beginning to occur.  This can help you get to the root of the problem before it gets out of hand and causes serious issues. 

In addition to smelling your stucco, be on the lookout for any visible discoloration or staining.  This is often an overlooked sign that mold has begun to form behind the moisture proof layer underneath your stucco.  The sooner you become aware of this issue the better.

Moreover, after looking over your stucco, it can also be helpful to feel your stucco to identify potential problems.  Periodically, use light pressure on different areas of the stucco.  If the stucco should feel brittle or begin crumbling this signifies more serious problems.  If you find that your stucco feels damp to the touch, you should also be concerned and immediately call the professionals at a stucco company.  This likely means your home has sustained water damage and the chance of subsequent mold exists.

Call the Professionals

If in doubt always call the professionals.  Whether you lack confidence in your abilities to identify potential problems or time to conduct routine inspections, allowing the professionals to inspect your stucco can ensure any issues are promptly caught and addressed.  Even if you have already noticed some troubling signs of decay, the professionals can handle the issue with ease and restore your home to its original glory!

In present times, it’s most popular use is for exterior siding on a variety of businesses, homes, and other buildings. Customers love its ability to endure bad weather and offer additional insulation during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. Its most attractive feature may be its affordable cost that will more than pay for itself during its decades of exceptional performance.

Stucco also allows the home/business owner the opportunity to get creative and customize the look of their house or building. Stucco can be pigmented with nearly any color you desire to create a long-lasting color that never washes off or fades away since it is mixed directly into the compound. Furthermore, stucco can be easily added to decorative stones, bricks, etc. to create a truly custom appearance.


For those looking for a design that is unique and creative, stucco can be the perfect solution. This multifaceted product can be utilized to create designs or patterns inside your home or business. It remains especially popular in regions of the country that favor Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. It can transform your business, home, apartment complex, or condo into a classy, high end place to reside.

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