Behind the Seams: The Story of Mahpar brand and Their Journey in the Fashion Industry

Mahpar Brand

Competing in the fashion and clothing industry is tough so only a few brands can be successful and survive in these challenging businesses due to everyday changes in trends which cause constant changes in customers’ tastes. Till now many designers and producers have tried to get to the top but most of them even didn’t get off the ground. Being successful in this competition requires a combination of some essential features which are attractive concepts, high quality, and affordable prices at the same time. To reach these goals, astute managers, creative and skilled teams, and modern apparatus are necessary.

Mahpar brand considered these structures in its activity with clothing production so it gained a reputation and validity in the fashion industry. It’s been over 15 years since the Mahpar brand is famous for designing women’s cloth, especially office manteau and pant.

What are the most important features that lead the Mahpar brand to fame and success? to answer this question we are going to know more about the founder of the Mahpar brand and his ambitions.

Mahpar Brand

The history of the Mahpar brand

This brand was founded by Javad Soleimani in 2006 with the slogan “Creating beauty for everyone in everywhere”. His vision about women’s clothing and especially women’s work outfit, shape the identity of Mahpar brand which led to producing beautiful, fashionable, high-quality products as well as meeting the standards and of course affordable prices. In the past 15 years, this brand has always been loyal to its slogan and has tried to provide gorgeous, trendy, and accessible clothing to all women. The new manager of this Mahpar brand Saeed Soleimani tries to promote this brand and maintain its identity at the same time.

Mahpar Brand

The strategy of Mahpar brand

The key strategy of the Mahpar brand is to respond to the needs of women in the field of fashion and outfits with the best quality and affordable prices. This brand is famous for its special English collar women’s coats, fur collar coats, embroidered pearl coats and stylish raincoats. Observing the final result in different aspects such as excellence, design, complexion, and of course, the prices is indeed satisfying and it shows how hard the skilled and expert mangers of Mahpar brand are trying to provide gorgeous and up-to-the-minute styles for all women.

Other strategies which are considered are using experiences of 15 years of activities, hiring creative and professional members, up-to-date industrial equipment, relying on years of successful activity, the skill and creativity of his team members, the up -to -date industrial equipment and, of course, choosing intelligence managers. Adherence to these strategies has made Mahpar brand stand out from other active brands in the field of women’s clothing. In addition to paying attention to the excellence and elegance of clothing, they have tried to consider the right price for their products.

Mahpar Brand

Keeping up to last minute trends

Mahpar brand has worked with many companies and has prepared staff uniforms for various brands, and as a result, he is well acquainted with the demands of customers.  Mahpar brand is well aware of the importance of the good looks of uniforms and their influence on the credibility and success of a company.

As we said earlier a big challenge in the fashion industry Is changing the trends fast and constantly. Mahpar brand is familiar with this challenge and has adapted its strategy. As a result, this brand has always produced beautiful and new-fashioned products. By preserving its high standards in quality, removing middlemen, and trusting skilled managers, Mahpar brand has manufactured more affordable products in comparison to its competitors.

By maintaining its high standards regarding quality, eliminating middlemen, and relying on the business intelligence of its managers, Mahpar has produced products with a much lower price than the market and has turned to have a beautiful style from a luxury product that is inaccessible to everyone, into an affordable product. As a result of these efforts, having a stylish and beautiful style is no longer considered a luxury item and is accessible to everyone.

Mahpar Brand

Mahpar brand a suitable choice for working outfit 

The features of Mahpar brand clothes represent the identity of this brand. Using bold and eye-catching, fashionable designs and extraordinary quality has made this brand an original and unique one. Actually, the managers believe that being well groomed shouldn’t be limited to formal, sporty, and casual styles, and the working style should be fashionable as well.

For example, imagine a woman who spends most of her day in an outfit that she doesn’t like and is not comfortable with. Yeah, exactly! This is the horrible reality that happens every day in many working Environments many women get used to it despite of their inner desire. Mahpar brand has come up with a new and creative vision that has solved this problem.

All Mahpar brand products, including coat, office mantou and pant, overcoat, raincoat and other products are produced exactly according to the strict standards of this brand. The most important features that have put a huge effect on the fame and success of Mahpar brand are Creative design, fashionable and attractive models, various colors, perfect sizing, and of course reasonable prices. As we mentioned the slogan of Mahpar brand is “Creating Beauty for everyone in Everywhere” and It’s not only in the theory but also in practice. The products of Mahpar brand are suitable for various sizes, styles, and working places.