Buying WordPress Themes Online ? Important Steps to Take Before

Buying WordPress Themes Online

here are several thousands of WordPress themes out there in the market and some advertise as if they are the best killer themes you are ever going to need and bla bla.

Well, these are all marketing gimmicks and one shouldn’t fall every time for them.

One should find out the best WordPress themes as per their requirements and then only go-ahead to purchase or select one out of them. We have defined 9 easy steps that should help you select your perfect theme and get your website up in no time.

1. Design Requirements

Design aesthetics and requirements are the main points. So if you get a WordPress theme that matches your design requirements you should go ahead to grab it. Design requirements fulfillment is the first and foremost step forward so take your time and browse through many themes that are up for your category of business like a contractor, plumber, gardening, etc. And then after finding all the suitable ones browse through their demos and then find out the best one which suits you.

2. Website or blog

First it is essential to decide whether your website requirement falls more into a website category or into a blog category. If you like affiliate marketing and want to have a recipe or food blog then you should consider getting a magazine or blog or news type of WordPress theme. So this question should pop up your mind.

3. Know about the theme author

Knowing about the theme author is important because then only you can find out everything about them and then check out their reviews etc online.

4. Check support forum

A support forum for any WordPress theme business gives you an idea about its support and the time take to answer questions and how satisfied are the clients after getting answers from them. So basically this is another criteria before you can decide to go ahead and purchase the theme. If customers and clients are unhappy and the product is not well backed by the theme author itself then you shouldn’t consider purchasing such a product.

5. Check previous reviews

Product reviews are other important criteria to see whether people like the product or not. Reviews are always not true or honest but at least it gives an idea as to how the theme author tackled them and does he care about these reviews and does he respond to them or not.

6. Check for bad reviews

Bad reviews are part and parcel of any business but you should always look out for them as to this gives an idea how the theme author is catering to these bad reviews and how then the whole conversation goes. This also gives an idea of how honest the business is. If the business never responds to such reviews etc then also you shouldn’t buy such a product.

7. Ask pre-sales questions and see response time

Presales question always gives you an idea as to how the questions are being answered by the author. It also gives you a response time idea. If the author takes a lot of time to answer the presales question then its probably good to search or go somewhere. If the author is responsive but doesn’t answer questions properly then also its time to search for someone else. Prompt and proper answers are the choice in this case.

8. Check documentation

Documentation if it’s easily understandable and you can figure out everything out of it and you can see how good the theme is and documentation makes it even easier to understand then you are probably hitting the jackpot and found out your theme. So basically a product with bad documentation is as good as no support.

9. Future features

Future features also need to be thought of in case you want to expand your business in the future and want a scalable website. Hence page builder compatibility, multilingual compatibility, etc need to be checked because if they are missing then in future to upgrade you would again have to change the whole WordPress theme for this task.


There are several themes out there but it’s better sometimes to try WordPress free themes rather than purchasing a premium one and then repenting later on. So better to try a free theme and then see if that works for you and if it does work for you then go ahead to get the paid or premium version of that theme as you are now 100% confident about the product.