How to Start a Business in UAE as a Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist in UAE

Let us talk about the scope of becoming a make-up artist in UAE. That might seem a very vague question but you have to figure out how good or bad a profession is before you can start dealing with it. So consider this first. Dubai has all the best kinds of business coming over and the numbers of investors in UAE are increasing every day, this means that the country must have well established systems that the people find helpful to get started with a business. But there is another special thing about Dubai that makes it stand out as the perfect location for any business.

The best feature of UAE is that it is a very beautiful and attractive tourist spot. Many people from around the world like to spend their vacations in Dubai. This might be because of the natural beauty of the country, but mostly this is because of the developed infrastructure and locations that are made efficiently by the government to attract people from around the world. This attraction led to the establishment of Dubai as one of the best stops for international celebrities and fashion events. That is why every year millions of people travel to Dubai for fashion industry related work.

Some people might think that getting started with a good business in UAE means to have a free zone company setup or any such free zone business but there are other things flourishing in the country. Due to an increase of celebrity and fashion culture in Dubai people who have influence in the industry have moved here as well. Some of the world famous cosmetics brands are originated in UAE as well.

These are all the reasons to understand that Dubai is the best place for someone to work as a makeup artist. You will have a lot of opportunities if you are actually good at what you do. And finding the best for yourself totally depends on your own skill but there are still a few things that you have to consider and a few steps that you have to take if you want to get started with a business related to beauty industry in UAE. And becoming a makeup artist might sound easy; you have to deal with the competition that comes with it as well.

The first thing that you have to consider is that becoming a make-up artist might be your dream but you can’t accomplish it until you learn to do it professionally. No matter how good you naturally are, there is no use of being overconfident in an industry where the competition is already very high. You might have to face the consequences of this overconfidence later on.

There is no human who is entitled to anything just because he likes it. You have to work hard in every field and defeat the competition by yourself. That being said we would recommend you to learn makeup first and get a degree or a certificate from a renowned institution to establish your credibility. Then you are good to deal with whatever that would come your way.

There are many companies who have a shams free zone company setup because they do not want to get indulged in the problems that would be faced by them if they will have to look for a local sponsor. But being a makeup artist doesn’t require a local sponsor, although if you are starting up a business and a make-up studio then you have to look for a local sponsor as well. These things must be preplanned and you have to discuss them all with the consultants who are helping you. But this is a topic of later discussion. We are currently focusing on the things that you should be prepared about before you choose Dubai as the place where you want to work.

There are only a few people who do not have any idea about who Huda Khattan is. She is one of the most successful makeup artist and owner of a cosmetic line as well. Huda is a resident of UAE and one of the reasons of her fast and successful journey is that she was blessed with a country that was very supportive towards her. Unlike many countries who do not keep a check on licensing, UAE always care about knowing that if a person is working in their land he better be deserving to do it in the very first place. This is why UAE provides you with licensing of makeup artists and social media influencers as well.

The next thing to know is, where do you plan to get started with your work? Do you want a makeup studio or you would deal with the clients and provide them with home services. This is a choice that you have to make before applying because the consequences and requirements of both of them are very different from each other. If you want to own a studio then there are certain requirements like rental agreements etc. that you have to take care of before applying for the visa. On the other hand home based services do not have any such requirement at all.

After everything is done well up till now you have to finally gather all the required documents. These might include some statement of purpose as well. When you will apply and submit all these documents the governmental institutions will process it and if everything goes well, you will be given a license to work as a makeup artist in UAE. It is a great opportunity and as soon as you get it you can apply for a residency visa as well. With a license, getting visa would be very easy. You would have to make some investments as well. But as soon as the business is launched the chances of success are very broad. So, if you want to be a makeup artist in UAE, better get started already.