Ways to Remedy Stress

Our daily lives are hectic; we are a generation which works more and sleeps less, and with that comes a great toll on our bodies. Our hectic and stressful daily routines can leave us feeling lethargic, weak and broken down. Work, projects, family dramas, errands and other responsibilities all play a role in our lives. It is natural to get overwhelmed and start to feel dejected.

Although we cannot avoid the trials and tribulations of daily life. There are a few simple, natural ways to remedy these stresses. You can keep your mental and physical well-being in top form. We have listed five of our favorites.

1. Consume More Nutrients

When we are stressed, our bodies release more adrenaline which consumes nutrients at a higher level. This can lead to a deficiency in nutrients, so it is very important that we combat this by topping them up throughout the day.

A nutrient-rich diet filled with healthy fruits, vegetables and antioxidants is all you need to be consuming to combat the short-term effects of stress.

2. Find Meditation Time

The nature of our lives is inherently energy draining and can leave us with no time to focus on ourselves. However, finding a little time – even if it’s only 10 minutes – to focus on meditation can help you remain mindful and connected with yourself.

Meditation is an excellent way to detach yourself from reality and the stresses of the day, and just 10 minutes is enough to make a huge difference.

3. Walk More

If you use public transport, why not get off a stop earlier than usual and walk the extra distance? Walking is fantastic exercise and if you have been stuck in an office all day, it’s a great way to help your body recover and get the blood flowing again.

Find time to fit in short bursts of walking throughout your day; your body will thank you in the long-term and you will feel more energized.

4. Avoid Technology Outside of Work

Staring at a computer screen all day is no good for your eyes. When you are outside of work, make a habit of avoiding technology for at least a few hours – especially before bed – and focus more on friends, family, reading or any other therapeutic activity.

Avoiding technology in the evening helps us sleep better, distracts us from work and lets our eyes recover.

5. Pre-Prepare Lunches at the Weekend

If you’re cooking at the weekend, why not pre-prepare some lunches for work? It will save you time through the week if you would usually prepare them after work, and it will promote healthier (and cheaper!) eating if you would usually eat out.

This is a win-win in our minds and you can prepare some very simple, delicious and healthy meals quite easily.

When the stresses of life begin to affect your day to day life, making small changes like the ones listed above can go a long way in improving your wellbeing.