Snow Storm Damage on Your Roof

It is necessary to take proper precautions to protect your roof from extreme weather situations like a snowstorm. But regardless of your efforts, you still might have to deal with the consequences of snowstorms in the winter season. Most of the damages caused by snowstorm go undetected because they are not so obvious and require specific skills to get spotted.

Here are some of the common signs of snow storm damage which you can look for to proceed with the required maintenance and repairing of your roof after the winter season.

1. Ceilings & Walls

The damages snowstorm cause on your roof can be identified by the discoloration in the texture of ceiling and walls. You can notice water dripping from your ceiling which indicates the damage caused by winds. It can also happen because of any nearby trees whose branches may fall over your roof during the snowstorm and heavy wind.

2. Foundation

To detect the snowstorm damage on your roof, you can look for the fractures and cracks in the basement floor. If your roof gets damaged, it would also weaken the foundation by causing flooding and excessive water damage. You can also check your brickwork from outside of your home to evaluate its structural integrity.

3. Shingles

You can look for the signs of snowstorm damages by assessing the condition of shingles on your roof. It is a pretty apparent signal which shows clearly that how much deterioration your roof has gone through because of the storm. You can take out a pair of binoculars to see broken, cracked, dented, folded, and missing shingles.

4. Siding

The siding of your roof is another important and common sign which may get cracked, chipped, and split after the snowstorm. This kind of damage is mostly done by flying debris and wind hail which get triggered by the snowstorm itself.

5. Gutters and Downspouts

If you are able to find the granules in gutters after the snowstorm, it clearly shows that your roof has gone through excessive wear and tear. Moreover, the flow of water would get affected. Gutters and downspouts won’t function properly to drain off the water away from your home. It would result in stagnant water and flooding in the backyard or lawn of your home.

If you don’t take these signs seriously, it would cause further damage i.e. mold growth, increased number of cripples inside your home, and weak structure and foundation of your home. If you are not sure about your skills to detect such critical signs, you need to hire the services of professional roofing contractors instantly.

6. Ventilation

During snowstorms, ice and snow may get gathered on your roof. It would end up building ice dams which further prevent the ventilation from working properly. If you don’t check your ventilation on time, it can result in various moisture and condensation problems. And you would definitely end up spending a lot of dollars on energy consumption and repairing of severe damages.

By Punit