Indoor air quality (IAQ) is important, not just for your own comfort inside your home, but also for the health and wellbeing of everyone inside. There are simple steps that a homeowner can take to make sure their IAQ is the best it can be, from regular maintenance of HVAC systems to simple home cleaning. That being said, an air purifier could be the investment you need to truly assure that the best quality indoor air circulating through your house.

What is an Ozone Air Purifier?

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Maintaining ventilation throughout your home is one of the easiest ways to remove irritants from the air. Opening doors and windows are a great quick fix to bring in the oxygen-rich outdoor air into your household. However, an ozone purifier is useful if you want to improve your home’s IAQ, or indoor air quality.

An ozone air purifier uses an electrical charge that converts regular oxygen to ozone, then releasing it into the air through the filtration system. Also known as trioxygen, it is oxygen with one unstable molecule that attaches to pollutants. Ozone air purifiers neutralize bacterial contaminants, eliminating allergens, odors, and viruses. After eliminating those contaminants, trioxygen dissipates, leaving behind fresh oxygen.

Ozone air purifiers are designed for use when people and pets are not in the home, as the biological contaminants in the air, combined with trioxygen, can lead to respiratory irritation and even great risk for infections caused by airborne pathogens.

How to Use an Ozone Air Purifier

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Ozone air purifiers remove pollutants from the air and improve indoor air quality. However, it also releases pollutants. These units require a safe operation to be sure that family members and friends alike aren’t put at risk during their use. If you buy or own such a system, heed professional advice or hire an IAQ expert to ensure proper operation.

When using these air purifiers, make sure that humans and pets are not in the living space at the time. Ozone needs to dissipate before people can reenter. This usually takes two to three hours after the purifier is no longer in use. Windows and doors should remain closed, with the device only used for just a few hours. Homeowners and experts alike should avoid any contact with the machine’s chemicals. The use of a fan or air conditioner can improve circulation.

When to Use an Ozone Air Purifier

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An ozone purifier is best used to prevent sickness, helping to remove germs, bacteria, and viruses from just about every surface of your home. By improving indoor air quality, these ozone purifiers also help to remove odors. For example, if a family member is a smoker, these trioxygen units can help reduce the effects of secondhand smoke by eliminating the odor. This can reduce the chance of someone developing allergies or respiratory disease.

While ozone purifiers can be useful as an air cleaning device, it is important to understand the risk that can come with these air cleaning devices. Ozone can worsen allergies or asthma in current sufferers. It is important to consider the use of an ionizer to remove particles and allergens from the air. High-efficiency particular air, or HEPA filters, help keep those small particles out of the air without posing ozone concerns. These filters do require regular cleaning and replacement to assure better indoor air quality.

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