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Product Photography is a representation of the product appealingly so that customers will be bound to purchase that product. 93% of the customer’s purchase decision of products lies in the visual content of the product.

Lifestyle product photography is very crucial as it has to show the actual purpose and usage of the product rather than any other photography of products put on sale. To demonstrate the purpose of the product through photography is a little more delicate than it seems, but with the following tips, you can convert the delicate problems into delight solutions.

Tips for clicking Lifestyle Product Photo like a Pro

1. Know your Item and Audience

The first and most important tip to be taken care of is, understand the product and its specific consumers. A product photographer must know about the product more than he/she knows about their camera. You should know for whom the product is designed, why it is designed in the way it is designed, who is going to consume the product and if it’s gender bias or not. 

For a simpler way, ask yourself this question: “If I were a consumer of this product, what would be the things I must know about it.” Implement your own answers to photography.

2. A Venue and Lighting

Nothing disturbs Lifestyle products photography as poor lighting and the wrong choice of venue does. Venue and Lighting both go hand in hand; you must know which kind of venue which kind of lighting will go. 

Lighting does not affect all objects equally; on different venues too lights hit differently on products. There is no ideal venue or measure of light with lifestyle products, but avoid a venue that makes products dull and avoid direct lights for getting the finest results of products.

3. Appropriate Angle

Some lifestyle products like Jewelry need an appropriate angle so that the buyer can have every single detail of the product before buying. You can do Jewelry product photography with or without a model, but the important thing is the appropriate angle.

For this product, you can always go for a trial-and-error method until you capture every single detail of the product. You can avoid trialing different angles if you want to and go straight with simple angles of 45 degrees, eye-level of the product, and 90 degrees above the object. These three angles will capture the beautiful Jewelry but make sure you, yourself, are satisfied with the photo before trialing it on the customer.

4. Background and Props

A picture of the product is half-hearted without powerful background and props if needed. No matter what type of product it is, the background of the product adds beauty to it. Say, for example, if you are doing makeup product photography, then you should keep the background either too dark (Metallic black) or too light (Baby pink), do a photo-shoot either in the bathroom or bedroom. 

For products like makeup, you can use props of mirror-reflecting makeup items, makeup wallpapers, and many more. Be it makeup product photography or anything else, the background is crucial for any product.

5. Clicking and Adjusting

The ultimate stage is to click a picture of a lifestyle product. Some elusive lifestyle products like jewelry and makeup products need more pampering and caring. Those two products need constant modification and continuous clicking before you get your perfect appealing photo. 

Keep on clicking and adjusting till you get a photo that has all clear detail or product, and get a photo that sells itself. If you are left with no choice but of additional effects, then do not constraint yourself from doing so. Additional effects on lifestyle products are always extravagance.


Thus with the right choice of venue, proper lighting effects, after knowing your product with appropriate angles, and powerful background, you can click lifestyle products more effectively. Another simple way is to take opinions from your family and friends of your final click of product.

Always remember, do not set photography with any kinds of rules, but these tips are to help you shoot products effectively so that they look enthralling to consumers.

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