Pet Grooming Business in Dubai

Pet grooming is a very popular opulent service. People strive for these services for their pets as they don’t have enough time to groom their pets on their own. Therefore, it is indeed a profitable career for those who wish to begin a business in the pet industry. Recently, Dubai is witnessing strong growth in the number of pet owners. According to some study reports, the multitude of employment for animal care workers is anticipated to thrive by about 20 per cent within the year 2026.

Accordingly, there is a growing demand for services like ear cleaning, nail clipping, facials and other relinquishing chores for these animals. This formulates a great opportunity for professional pet groomers. However, you must have patience, dedication, love for animals along with other skills to succeed in this particular field of business. 

If you would like to start your own business in Dubai pet industry, you must have a business plan, obtain necessary licenses and permits, establish an office space and gain adequate knowledge about this industry.

Advantages of starting a pet grooming service in Dubai

There are several benefits that you can gain from starting your pet grooming business in Dubai. Here, setting up your business can be pretty quick and a straightforward procedure. Dubai has an exceptional business-friendly setting with zero barriers and a simple formation procedure. Also, it has a fairly large robust community that are glad to pay for the right quality services. You will also get benefits like low start-up costs, low overheads and immunity from taxes. 

What are the steps involved in the registration of a pet grooming business?

There are a few steps included in the registration of your business that you have to take care of, for obtaining your pet grooming license. They are:

Create a Business Plan

To start any successful business, one has to make a business plan. This can help you in navigating the business and achieving your business objectives. This extensive report is important to conserve the allocation and crucial information about your business. This should also include details on how you are planning to grow your business. 

 Find a Name for your Business

Choosing the perfect name for a business can sometimes become challenging as it should reverberate with your clients and also has to be available to use. Similarly, you must abide by the naming conventions imposed by the government of Dubai to avoid any rule violation. Strictly avoid names similar to other popular institutions. Also, in case you are planning to name after yourself, make sure that you are using the whole name instead of abbreviations. 

 Choose a Location 

The location you choose to set up your pet grooming business can significantly influence the revenue and success rate of your service. It’s always wise to choose a location in the city or within such a highly-populated area, as it can bring more attention and clients to your business.

 Earn Certifications

You might need certifications to prove to your clients that you are a professional and well trained in the services that you offer. This will ensure your customers that you have the integral abilities. By attaining more and more certifications and training, you can actually end up staying at the apex of the pet grooming trends and keep winning ahead of your competitors. 

 Apply for License and Registration of your Business

Like any other business, you might need to apply for the necessary license and permits before starting your pet grooming business in Dubai. 

List of documents required for starting your pet grooming business:

  • A completed application Form
  • A Business Plan
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Passport copy of the owner(s)
  • 3 Color passport size photos

With these documents, apply directly to the Department of Economic Development to establish your pet grooming business in Dubai. It is also important to note that, in some municipalities, you might require some additional permits and licenses. Failing to acquire these can result in shutting down your business and will be charged with huge fines.

Get your Visa

Just like any other type of business, for starting your pet grooming business in Dubai, you have to apply for your visa. Also, you can sponsor visas for the employees, staff and your family.

A visa application procedure includes 5 steps as follows:

  • First, you have to apply for an entry permit
  • Then you have to make some status adjustments
  • Next, you have to provide a medical and fitness test report
  • Submit your emirates ID registration
  • Finally, visa stamping

 Open a Bank Account

A bank account is mandatory to start any business here. Make yourself acquainted with the distinct financial institutions to find the best banking service that matches with your business requirements. Keeping your business revenue in a different bank account can even make it much easier for you to trail down your income and expenditures.

How much does it cost to start a pet grooming business in Dubai?

The cost of opening a pet grooming service entirely depends on the location, business model and legal requirements. A DED Dubai license cost will be around AED 10,000 to 12,000 based on various factors. It would cost you more, when you include the price of the equipment, rent of the office space and fees of any other approvals or permits that you may require. The cost of the tools and equipment alone will cost you around AED 4000. 


DED Dubai License Cost

Currently, there is a growing demand for pet grooming services in Dubai. So, this is the right time to set up your business here more than ever. Most of these pet owners aren’t getting enough time to groom or take good care of their pets as they are stuck in the busy routine of their work and private life. Therefore, they are searching for professionals who can handle these tasks gracefully. If you are an animal lover and well-skilled with these tasks, then this is the best business to start in Dubai.