The floor is just an important part of your home as anything else. It is pointless spending all your time, energy and of course money, on the walls and décor without investing some of it on the flooring. Although there are plenty of options, tiles are most definitely one of the more popular choices for many reasons. They are easy to clean, durable and come in a variety of shapes designs to choose from.

They range in price so whether you have a lot or little to spend, there is something for everyone It can be overwhelming to decide what works for you especially under the bright lights of the tile shop, so it helps to educate yourself first on what you should be looking for.

Best Tiles For Your Home

Size of the Space

This is very important. In fact, it can have everything to do with the final result. This is where you need to put on your design cap and start thinking. Large tiles tend to work well with larger spaces as they create the illusion of depth and expanse. In smaller areas, large tiles can make then look even more cramped. You can also mix-and-match if you want to achieve a truly unique look. It all depends on what you are working with. By assessing the size of the space thoroughly, you can also set aside a realistic budget so you know what you can afford.

Look For the Finish

As much as size and shape have an impact on the overall effect, the finish of your tiles is also something to consider. They come in two finishes mainly: Gloss and Matte. If you prefer earthier, rustic and natural tones in your home, then you are best off with matte finishes. If you want something with a more luxurious touch, then you could go for the gloss. Do bear in mind though, that gloss tiles tend to retain dirt and show it up a lot more than their matte counterparts. Why not visit the tile shop for yourself to get a feel? If you are looking for tiles Brisbane, then you can pay a visit to the tile shops in your area to get acquainted.

Pick A Few Stand-Out Tiles

Who said that tiled floors had to be bland? If you do not like the one-look option throughout your house, you can come up with a design. Pick a few tiles that will function as the key feature of the look.  You can then work on the rest of the design based on this. It will also help give you direction if you are lost in a sea of Pinterest posts. Aside from making your space come alive, this also allows you to exercise your creativity and give it something unique.


Although it is understandable if you cannot afford really high-end tiles, do not compromise on quality because of your budget. In fact, if you look in the right places, you will not need to. There are many low-price tiles on offer that are just as hardy and long-lasting as expensive tiles. You just have to know where to go. You should get some research done by browsing the net or flipping through some magazines. Often, you will find useful tidbits of information that will lead you to the right stores. Make a list of them and compare them against each other for a more informed decision.

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