Fashion designer and custom tailor Saverio Pisano has dedicated his life’s work to the perfect pattern that ultimately creates a unique timeless style.  His international career spans from Milan to Paris and Buenos Aires to Los Angeles where he has dressed fans of his custom apparel for decades.  Over his storied career, Pisano has not focused on fashion trends but on the client and how they wish to present themselves.

When Saverio Pisano designs, it’s unexpected, sophisticated, and personal.  He spent decades designing for celebrities and socialites in Argentina where he opened a renowned fashion school called PISANO.  At heart though, Pisano considers himself and artists and fashion his medium.  The signature to his pieces is marked with attention to detail and timeless style.

Saverio Pisano_Runway

“Timeless style is something that is totally effortless and ageless. Couture means details and it’s that focus, through the making of perfect patterns, that has been my trademark.  When a person is said to have a specific style, what we are really talking about has more to do with knowing what works for them in a unique way.  It’s not about wearing a trend or for a specific age, but the details that enhance the way a person looks and brings out their unique personality.  The women and men that create custom-tailored pieces don’t pay attention to what they are supposed to wear” says Pisano.

As an example of what inspires Pisano right now, it’s influenced by Japan.  The designer says that he is very inspired by Japanese style, especially the sleeves.  The simple lines that are so complex, are timeless and sophisticated at the same time.  There are opportunities to take shortcuts when making a pattern but then the style is off balance.  To create a contemporary look, the wearer can create a belt with the same fabric so it appears more tailored.  It’s the perfect example of a style that is an investment piece because of its flexibility and its ability to be worn for many different occasions.

Saverio Pisano Confident

Pisano is creative and spiritual like many artists and is focused on the study of anatomy and the process of discovering ways to design garments that enhanced the parts of the body that clients wanted and visually transformed the parts that they do not like.  He also believes that it is the people that change and not the fashion styles that should be a trend.  Every season a new fashion trend is born that is diverse with details that are meant to stand out with the true personality of the creator.

People who seek custom garments and haute couture are eager to be noticed.  The secret to Pisano’s success is how he interprets fashion. An artist that also understands patternmaking has the ability to create timeless works of art that are the vision of the designer and the discerning client.

Minimalist style can also be achieved with pieces that are pared down but have bold details, such as a striking hem or neckline.  Playing with color and patterns, as long as the lines are followed, offer a tremendous amount of impact without the need for bold accessories.

Saverio Pisano

“People think that soldiers are the ones wearing a uniform. They all look identical and wear the same standard clothing for the duration of their service.  The truth is that men have fallen into this pattern too.  If you look back in history, men’s clothing has not changed very much. Especially when you compare it to women’s styles!” Pisano explains.

Fashion is a way to express who you are and what makes you different. People should not feel that they have to be like everyone else.  Pisano explains, “Men should experiment with colors, patterns, and lengths of jackets, etc.  Men shouldn’t settle for something that is merely average. They should be passionate about what they wear and how it fits,” he says.

Pisano believes that the true secret to the perfect custom creation is in the pattern.  He spent years perfecting this area of his talent.  One of his proudest achievements is the ability to fit a suit in two fittings and not the five fittings needed by most other custom tailors.

Saverio Pisano

“Clients get very upset and irritable when they have to keep returning for fittings. The excitement of a custom creation loses its appeal. By having only two fittings, there is tremendous excitement and involvement by the client.  The secret is in the perfect pattern.”  Pisano’s book on the subject, The Tailoring Bible is meant to share his wisdom.  “Even with computers, it’s very difficult to take a design that was made on a mannequin and create the perfect pattern. Chapters of the book are dedicated to anatomy, focusing on the nuances of design for enhancing certain areas of the physique and creating ways to distract from others” he explains.

By Punit