5 Ways to Choose Best Saint Laurent Dress for Perfect Summer Look

Saint Laurent Dress
Summer Look with a Saint Laurent Dress

Summer is here and it is time to embrace your feminine side. If you love fashion, yet looking for something comfortable, then a Saint Laurent dress is a perfect choice. Available in pretty floral prints and earthy hues, Saint Laurent dresses are designed to suit all body shapes and sizes. The best thing about dressing for summer is that the layers are gone and you need to put in very little effort.

So whether you have an upcoming pool party, rooftop party or a beach party, here is a quick guide about how to choose a perfect summer dress:

1. Choose Natural Fibers

Summer means scorching heat, sweat, and discomfort, so in order to withstand the extreme weather condition is a must that you choose dresses made of natural fiber. Cotton and linen are the best choices since they allow the skin to breathe and are very light. Think of a light-colored cotton shirt dress with multi-colored floral prints. Avoid the embellishments for a subtle appearance. It is also good to avoid dresses that have elastics. Prolonged exposure to elastic can result in itching and redness of the skin during summer. To enhance the look, you can pair the dress with a pair of Saint Laurent shoes.

2. Choose the Colors Correctly

Most people suggest avoiding darker colors during the summertime since it absorbs heat and makes you feel hot. Pastel shades are the best for the summer season – yellow, blue, lavender, etc. work very well. A patterned maxi dress can be great for summer events. Almost anyone can don a maxi dress expect people who are petite.

3. Understand Your Body Type

This is more important when you are choosing a summer dress. To understand your body proportions before buying a summer dress. Saint Laurent dresses are available for all body types, so by choosing the right kind of dress, you can enhance your look and style. For instance, a shift dress is perfect for people with a straight body shape; a classic waisted prom style dress looks great on curves and so on. To know what suits your body type the best and which of the local stores close to you are offering the great deals now, take the help of a shopping engine like Walker.

4. Get the Best Value for Your Money

Designer dresses can be expensive; you need to choose dresses that will help you get a number of looks. Before buying a dress, consider what kind of accessories you need, whether you would be able to pair it with a cardigan, can you wear it to a formal or semi-formal event, etc. Invest in a dress that you can wear to many events.

5. Choose the Right Accessories

Your look is incomplete without the right accessories, so make sure you buy accessories that help you get the perfect summer look. If you are buying a Saint Laurent dress then you can pair it with leather Saint Laurent shoes, some chic neck-pieces and a smart clutch bag or a sling bag. Make sure the accessories you buy can be paired with other dresses as well.

Getting the right look for summer should not be very difficult. Get the right summer dress and hit the road in style!  Just check out Walker for the best deals and discounts this summer.