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How To Find Right Wholesale Clothing Distributor For Your Business?

Wholesale Clothing Distributor

Everyone who starts their own clothing business does with the aim to earn high profits. For those who are planning on opening a store, it is crucial to understand from whom, how, and where to find the right wholesale clothing distributor.

Getting the right clothes wholesalers ensures that you will pay an appropriate price for them. This allows you to price your items appropriately so that you can generate sales and also you will be able to set the amount of profit that you can earn on each sale.

Wholesalers on whom you can rely on play a huge role in the establishment of your business. This brings us to the aim of this article. We have created a list of essential tips that you can use to find wholesale clothing distributors for your business.

Beware of Fake wholesale clothing distributor

Many people enter the business with a notion to start earning profits instantly. They start their business to bring in quick money. Thus, they try to look for the easiest way to getting clothes for their shops.

Unfortunately, this industry is full of fake suppliers who prey on such business owners. These fake suppliers make a quick buck from you. One common method used by these fake suppliers is by posing as manufacturers or wholesalers. In reality, they may as well be just buyers themselves.

The goal of these fake clothing suppliers is to make a huge profit off you. They will price their wares at high prices, sometimes even double the price of manufacturers. When unsuspecting clothing owners buy their supplies at high prices, they are unable to sell and get the clothes off the shelves.

What you should look out for when it comes to fake wholesale clothing suppliers

A fake supplier will not ask for your business registration number. Every other month, a fake supplier will bring up the product update fee. A genuine supplier will not as for any update fees.

When you have this information in mind, separating the genuine from the fake supplier will be a breeze for you. Also, look for a manufacturer contact details on the packaging, you can use this information to contact them to inquire about their distributors in your vicinity. This way, you will find a genuine distributor or you will find a reference who will want to sell clothes to you.

Next time when you are in the market searching for a supplier, keep these points in mind to avoid any losses.

Find a good wholesale clothing distributor

To avoid being deceived in the wholesale clothing business, it is advisable to find a supplier that will have their best interest at heart. To find a genuine wholesale distributor, you have to do extensive market research. Try to assess their background, their history with other clients, and the quality of clothes they supply. When you start researching the market, you will not find it challenging. 

So, make sure you invest your time in doing thorough research to avoid any scammers.

Buy boutique wholesale clothing in large quantities (Bulk Wholesale)

Having enough stock when you start your business will ensure that you cater to the demands of your customers. Therefore, buying in bulk will support your business operations. Also, wholesale distributors do not sell items in small quantities. They sell in big boxes as opposed to selling single pieces.

Besides, what is to stop a retail customer from buying directly from a wholesaler, if the wholesaler also sells single pieces? It’ll be better for a customer to go directly to a wholesaler and cut out the middle man to save money.

Customer References

Not everyone enjoys owing running a clothing shop. However, if you are passionate about it, you will bear with the stress of getting it off the ground. After you have arranged to ship through a drop shipper, you should then request the shipper for customer reference. This way, you can learn about the whole shipping process.

Getting someone else to ship your product doesn’t mean you are no longer for the products. There are many problems that can arise during shipping such, if a customer receives an open or damaged product, the customer will hold you responsible for any refund or replacement. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to manage the shipping process to ensure that the delivery is quick and without any problem.


Communication is one of the most important processes in this field. It plays a huge role because your earnings, growth, and reputability depend on your relationship with your wholesale distributor. So, it becomes necessary for you to maintain excellent communication and learn to have more patience.

Clothing business is one of the most competitive ones and in order to earn the upper hand, it is necessary for you to find the right wholesale supplier. So, do your research and keep these points in mind if you want to avoid scammers.