is rick and morty on netflix

Season 4 of Rick and Morty is now available on Netflix, in case you missed it. You can watch the latest episodes of the popular cartoon series depending on where you are.

Who would have guessed that a cartoon time-traveling grandpa and his worried grandson would amass such a cult following over time? After the first five episodes of rick and morty season, 4 were released in November 2019, millions of Rick and Morty fans eagerly anticipated the second half of the season.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix? If you try to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix US, though, you may be disappointed.

Are Rick and Morty available on Netflix in the United States?

is rick and morty on netflix

The bad news is that Rick and Morty aren’t available on Netflix in the United States. It never was, and if you reside in America, you won’t be able to watch rick and morty on this streaming service, as you couldn’t view any of the previous seasons. It’s regrettable, but licensing and rights concerns are to blame.

Even competitors like Hulu and HBO Max are unlikely to have the most recent season until later this year.

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Netflix subscribers outside of the United States are in much better shape. Rick and Morty will launch in the United Kingdom on June 16th. While the first episodes are currently available in Australia, the second half of Season 4 will be available on Netflix on June 7th.

Adult Swim Rick and Morty season 4 will be available on Netflix in many more countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, and Malaysia. To add insult to injury, users in these nations are likely to access all seasons’ episodes.

According to recent developments, Netflix subscribers in most countries are getting the latest Rick and Morty episodes, but not in the United States.

Don’t worry, though. You can view this famous series with a few simple steps even if you live outside of the United States.

In the United States, how do I watch Rick and Morty on Netflix?

If you insist on watching the popular animated series on Netflix in the United States, you’ll have to think outside the box. 

It’s not as simple as googling “Netflix Japan” and clicking on it. Netflix’s routing of users from the United States to the local library is exceptionally clever. The technique works by recognizing your device’s IP address to ascertain your current location.

Are you unsure what an IP address is? Read more about what my IP address is and why I should protect it.

Consequently, if you want to watch Rick and Morty’s new season on Netflix, you’ll need a VPN in the United States.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network service that allows your device to use a different IP address.

Connecting to a VPN server in Japan, for example, will give your device a new IP address. When you log in to Netflix using a Japanese IP address, you’ll be directed to the Japanese library.

That’s how it works in theory.

However, you should be aware that Netflix bans VPN connections regularly. This implies that you won’t be able to unblock any of its libraries worldwide using most VPNs.

Only a few VPNs can bypass Netflix’s ban

Where to watch rick and morty? If you’re in the United States, here’s how to watch adultswim  Rick and Morty on Netflix using one of the greatest.

1. Create an account and download one of our favorite newcomers to the market, Assguard (or Azzguard, the App Store’s policy didn’t allow the men to go full-on bold).

2. Select the “Expand Your Netflix” shortcut from the drop-down menu.

3. Turn on the shortcut.

4. Now, you can go to your Netflix account and search for “Rick & Morty Season 4.”

5. You can now watch all of Rick and Morty’s seasons on Netflix. Enjoy!

The Best VPNs for Netflix Rick and Morty

Unblocking Amazon Prime Video US or Hulu, let alone Netflix, the most popular of all, is never accessible. This means that not all VPNs are suitable for streaming, so here are our top three recommendations:


Do you want to continue your new Rick and Morty adventures? No worry — ExpressVPN is here to help you unblock all of Netflix’s content. This company is the most excellent option for streaming, in our opinion.

The reason for this is because of the exceptional performance and lightning-fast speeds. Our tests revealed the fastest VPN available, so you won’t have to worry about lagging, buffering, or stuttering.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, allowing users to circumvent geo-restrictions quickly. It also features a split tunneling option, which will enable you to pick which sites use a VPN connection. This takes us to security, which is extremely strong at this location.

With 256-bit encryption and a Kill Switch, even mistakenly exposing yourself is impossible. The supplier even has a zero-logging policy that has been audited, making it ideal for privacy and evading government surveillance.


CyberGhost is a good alternative for individuals looking for a more cheap option. The supplier offers a three-year plan for a meager fee, and this plan, fortunately, contains everything you’ll need to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix.

CyberGhost has 7,000 servers in 90 countries, including several dedicated streaming servers. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Prime Video, and even DAZN are all unblocked. Furthermore, the speeds are faster, which is essential for a buffer-free streaming experience.

If commercials irritate you, you’ll be relieved to know that an ad-blocker exists. Ads and trackers will be kept off your back, and no one will be able to trace your online behavior. CyberGhost works with all major platforms so that you may watch Netflix and Rick and Morty on your iPhone or Android device.


NordVPN is a service that consistently confirms its worth. It’s a popular choice among privacy enthusiasts because this VPN focuses on security. That isn’t a problem, though, because NordVPN performs well.

Naturally, this includes the ability to unlock Netflix so that you can watch Rick and Morty. It doesn’t have specialized streaming servers, but that doesn’t stop it from unblocking Hulu, Disney+, and the BBC iPlayer. This will allow you to watch your favorite episodes and movies in a flash.


Stop waiting for Rick and Morty to come to Netflix in the United States. It isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, based on what we know. If you want to view the popular cartoon series on Netflix, you’ll need to get a VPN and connect to a region where the show is available.


Are Rick and Morty available on Netflix in the United States?

No. It isn’t available to watch online.

Is Rick & Morty available on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Subscribers in the United Kingdom will be disappointed. Rick and Morty are not available to watch on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

Is Rick & Morty available in Australia on Netflix?

Yes. All seasons are complete with all episodes.

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