Reusable Water Bottles

No one in this world can live without drinking water as it is one of the most basic commodities alongside food and shelter. While Summer is closing in, people tend to stay healthy, and one way of doing it is keeping themselves hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of fluids in a day. Other health benefits of having enough water levels in the body allow them to moisten body tissues like the eyes, nose, and mouth, regulate their body temperature, prevent constipation, dissolve essential nutrients and minerals for their body to use, and lubricate joints for higher mobility.

Indeed, companies see this essential commodity as an excellent avenue for letting people know their brand for a cheaper cost than other advertising options.

In this article, we will discuss major reasons why reusable water bottles are economical and practical promotional items for this summer. 

It Is A Must-Have Item In Summer

People tend to be more conscious about their health during the summer seasons as the high summer heat can cause temperature-related issues like heat stroke, dehydration, and the like. This explains the spike in bottled water consumption not only in the US but also in other neighboring countries. In the United Kingdom, bottled drinks consumption increased by seven percent from the preceding year.

Instead of adding up to the overall consumption of single-use plastic water bottles, people tend to resort to alternative options like reusable water bottles with many varieties like glass bottles, BPA-free bottles, and aluminum bottles. With that said, companies devise marketing strategies to boost the sales of reusable bottles. Some of these strategies include awareness campaigns regarding disposable plastic bottle wastes as well as advertising. These efforts placed reusable bottles as the most highly used bottled water alternatives today.

This leads us to the fact that reusable bottles are a potential promotional item, especially during the summer season.

If you wish to achieve brand awareness or promote your company identity, using promotional aluminum water bottles or other water bottle alternatives can be an economical way to reach many people with relatively lower costs compared to advertising on televisions, radios, newspapers, and the internet. 

Ultimately, reusable water bottles are a must-have during summer for most tourists and locals alike, making them effective promotional materials for your brand to reach more people. 

Almost Every Demographic Uses It

With the global efforts to reduce the total carbon footprint that we produce in a year, reusable water bottles have breached the demographic barriers the limit other promotional products present in the current market. This strongly implies that the use of environmental-friendly water bottles is no longer demographics-specific. Simply put, Reusable bottles are used regardless of age, gender, status, class, and income. 

To give you the tangible numbers in terms of age, around 70% of Gen Zs prefer to use reusable bottles because it is highly sustainable, which is significantly higher than the 56% coming from the Millenials, 50% of the Gen Xs, and 46% from the Baby Boomers. 

In terms of Gender, 61% of the females prefer using reusable bottles, slightly higher than men, with 51% of them who agree to the advantages it brings.

In the context of marital status, 55% of Both parents and non-parents are in coherence to the use of reusable bottles.

Finally, classifications in terms of income suggest that approximately 60% of high-income individuals are willing to use reusable bottles, followed by medium-income earners with 57% and 51% of the lower-income earning individuals.

Reusable water bottle

Ultimately, regardless of demographics, owning a reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated for longer periods, allows you to save money in the long run, enables you to directly reduce the carbon footprint emission by reducing the residual plastic wastes while purposely taking care of your health. It helps people prevent having fever, experiencing vomiting, or diarrhea which are the major symptoms of dehydration. It also helps prevent the occurrence of more severe conditions like kidney failure, heart failure, liver disease, and other impediments in the excretory system.

Conclusively, using custom reusable bottles extends a company’s reach, even with the little cost incurred. 

The fact that it extends beyond demographic barriers makes it a potentially effective promotional tool to circulate brand awareness, taking into account the target market of your corporate business ventures.

Have Longer Exposure

Statistics show that the market size of reusable water bottles – regardless of the materials used like silicone, glass, aluminum, plastics, or stainless steel- has gradually increased through the years and is projected to rise in the following years to come.

It seems that most people could see the advantages of reusable bottles over single-use plastics, and it could be considered as the most efficient way to have their daily fluids. And so, awareness campaigns have urged many people to turn “green” and use reusable bottles instead of single-use bottled waters bought from grocery stores.

With the two other mentioned reasons stating that reusable water bottles are a must-have, especially during the summer reason and its fluidity between demographic barriers, it is undeniably true that these water bottles have longer exposure to the general public.

In addition to this information, reusable water bottles are distinctly durable compared to their counterparts – the traditional water bottles- allowing them to live longer. 

With that said, If you are the head of the promotional team of a specific company, you would want to choose the right product that is durable, relevant, and economical.

Final Thoughts

Among other promotional items that you can choose from, Reusable water bottles can be the most practical and most economical way to reach a higher volume of people and increase publicity for a relatively lower cost compared to the other methods to build up brand awareness among people. 

Ultimately, this article provided sensible reasons why reusable water bottles are effective promotional items. To reiterate the facts, reusable bottles have longer ad exposure, it extends from one demographics to another, and it is the most generic item of anybody during this season of scorching sun and tanned skin. 

By Punit