Research Assignment on the Internet

Have you ever conducted some research on the internet? You must have. But, conducting a research for an academic assignment is way too critical, focused and intentional as compared to a normal research.

Let’s have a look at the ways to conduct a fruitful assignment research on the internet:

1. Select a topic:

Do you already have an assigned topic? Great!

Don’t have a topic? No worries. Just remember these key points while selecting your topic:

  • Your assignment topic should relate to the general subject area of your field.
  • Consider taking help from the professors in choosing the topic.

2. Know your content:

Imagine a scenario: Answering the question in the exam without even reading the question. Is it right? No! Similarly, if you start your research without reading the assignment guidelines, requirements and questions, you’ll end up confused and overwhelmed. You need to narrow down your research topic. Read the essentials of assignment and highlight the important points. Jot down the ideas which naturally come to your mind. You’ll get the idea of research outcomes beforehand. It will inevitably help you in carrying out the research.

3. Make effective use of search engines and subject directories:

There is a variety of good quality peer-reviewed subject directories available for a productive research, for example, Academic Info and InfoMine. Google, Bing and Yahoo are among the best search engines to help you throughout your research. You must invest a considerable amount of time in understanding the efficacious working of these search engines to avoid frustration at the very last moment. Moreover, Google Scholar is a well-known search engine which is focused on academic research areas and professional disciplines.

4. Maintain a record of all the visited and used websites:

You must know that all the information available on the internet is not authentic. There are some sites which are useful whereas some are not. It is difficult to find the credible sites from the plethora of websites. You may have to revisit a useful site again. Therefore, you must keep the record of all the visited sites by either bookmarks or saving the URLs. Ensure that you have its backup to avoid a big loss.

5. Evaluate all the sources:

Have you gathered all the potential sources? Now, it’s the time to determine whether these sources are credible as well as useful or not. There are many sources which are tangentially connected to the research topic. You must discover and eliminate them from your list of sources. Moreover, you also have to pick out the credible sources. Not all the sources available on the internet are credible. Here are some ways to determine the credibility:

  • The author must be expert in his field.
  • You can evaluate the sources used by the author in the bibliography.
  • The authenticity of the source can be checked by viewing the domain name of the website.

6. Consider other resources for information:

Apart from the internet, there are many other resources from where you can get access to quality information such as textbooks and journals. If you are unable to find useful information on the internet, you can consider using them.

7. Double-check all the URLs before writing them:

It is common to make mistakes in the complicated URLs but, it makes your references useless. Before finalizing the assignment, you must make sure whether they direct you to the correct website or not.

8. Carefully cite the information:

Whether you’re paraphrasing some part of the journal or exactly quoting it, you must cite its source in the proper format. It’s recommended that you should paraphrase the part in order to avoid plagiarism. Endnotes and bibliography are also included in citations. You must look forward to the guidelines paper provided by your University or College to know the correct citation format.

Apart from conducting research, you should also have an effectively planned timetable. You must determine the overall time that your Assignment Help will consume and work accordingly. Roughly schedule your timetable in advance in accordance with the deadline. Just remember that the key to success is effective planning. The more productively you plan and research, the more high-caliber assignments you’ll produce. Good Luck!