Easily Repair Your Roof with These Smart Tips

Repair Your Roof
Repair Your Roof

Fixing your roof is a matter of keeping your home safe, as much as it is a question of keeping the place energy-efficient. A hole in the roof will require a repair, a painting job (with a special coating if the stain has already formed), and potentially even a furniture/flooring restoration. With all of this in mind, it’s for the best to handle these things as soon as possible. Here are a couple of tips to help you out.

1. Set a repair budget

In theory, if you were to replace your roof, you would start with a calculation of how much this is going to cost. The problem is that, when it comes to DIY repairs, people often lose track of the expenses. After all, you’re just replacing a couple of shingles, right? Well, not exactly. The project itself can be more expensive than you expect, even significantly offsetting your household budget. So, you need to take a systemic approach and take everything into consideration, from the materials (always order a bit more than you need) all the way to the tools. Speaking of tools…

2. Make a list of necessary tools

While it is true that, most of the time, you’ll be good to go with some ladders and basic hand tools, if we’re talking about a larger project, you might need something larger. For instance, getting yourself a scissor lift hire as a temporary working platform will make your job so much easier. First of all, it is mobile, which means that it completely replaces the need for getting a scaffold. This is of great help, seeing as how installing the scaffold for a one-person work on the roof might be a bit of an overkill. Either way, these construction equipment pieces are widely available and highly affordable.

3. Start with the gutters

Gutter replacement makes a world of difference when it comes to keeping your entire property safe and dry. Rainwater is a serious problem unless it’s guided towards the drain properly. While cleaning your gutters is a good idea; eventually, they’ll have to be replaced. If your gutters were installed a while ago, as they likely have been, chances are that they’re aluminium (or just metal). Nowadays, vinyl is a more popular option. Other than just being easy for maintenance and immune to corrosion, it also comes in all colours and patterns. This means that it’s easier to make it fit your home’s façade.

4. Fix a leak

The main reason why the majority of people choose to fix a roof is that they’ve noticed a leak. The way to handle this is quite simple. First, you need to locate the roof leak. You can always allow yourself to be guided by a ceiling stain and track your way from there. Next, you must figure out if the affected shingles are missing or rotting. If the latter is the case, you need to remove them first. Keep in mind that watching your footing and choosing the right working platform makes all the difference when it comes to safety.

5. Work on the insulation

Your home’s attic is far more important for its energy efficiency than you assume. This is because of the fact that it performs two crucial functions for your roof. First, it provides ventilation space, which is crucial to reducing rotting and moulding rates. Second, it acts as an extra barrier, thus being insulation of your home. According to some estimates, roughly 26% of all the heath leaves your room through the roof. This puts into perspective the fact that, in order to get there, it must first get through the attic. Keep in mind that if you’re acting too late, chances are that you’ll have to start cleaning your rotting attic first.

6. Do it quickly

The longer you wait, the more damage will get accumulated on the roof. Remember, a leak will soon find its way into your home and damage your furniture. Another reason speed is of the essence here is that the more time you spend on the roof, the longer you are exposed to the risk. No matter how careful you are, spending time on the roof is never 100% safe. Also, remember that your time is valuable. How much is your hour at work? Well, try to transfer this to the time you will spend tending to this repair. There’s really no need to do this longer than necessary.

7. Repair or restoration

Lastly, just plugging a hole is not a good enough solution. There are a lot of scenarios in which you need to take a holistic approach and just replace everything. Sometimes, your roof will be in such bad shape that replacing a couple of shingles won’t make that much of a difference. Also, if you plan for an ambitious project like installing solar panels on the roof, you need to be sure that your roof can take it.

In conclusion

In the end, keep in mind that the roof repair is always worth it. The longer you wait, the worse things will get. The problem is that it can be quite costly, and if it’s a minor repair, it can put you in a dilemma of whether to hire a professional or handle it on your own. Still, with the above-listed tips on your side, it should be a lot easier.