Cheap Renovations That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Cheap Renovations

Get New Pulls and New Handles

One of the easiest and quickest ways to update your kitchen is to change the cabinetry hardware. If you go for colorful options such as a brushed nickel finish, you could have made a tremendous impact on the outlook of your kitchen. However, you should not get something too cutesy or too personal as those things tend to get old very fast.

Paint Cabinets

If you move to a new house and you do not love the new house’s kitchen, or if your kitchen would do with a little sprucing up, and you do not have the money for a complete overhaul, then the best option in such a case is to give the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint. It is a simple and inexpensive option that does not consume a lot of time.

Paint Cabinets Kitchen

Remove or Swap out Cabinet Doors

One of the ways to avoid a major and expensive upgrade of your kitchen is to replace the current cabinet doors with glass-paneled ones. However, if you feel that the shelves are not good enough to display, then you can opt for frosted glass.

You may also remove the doors entirely so that you create the effect of open shelving. This way you can display favorite dishes and bowls and, thus, create a bit of interest in the kitchen.

Hang a Pendant Light

If your light fixture is old and it irks you so, you can replace it with a colorful pendant that can manifestly transform the entire kitchen space. Light is very important in any room. Finding the right accessory, in this case, a pendant light is a surefire way to transform the kitchen space.

Hang a Pendant Light

Hang Window Treatments

Introducing new drapes can significantly transform the kitchen space. However, you need to be very careful over the kind of window treatment you will hang on the window above your sink. For instance, you should not opt for draping with too much fabric that could be ruined from splashing. Instead, you should go for draping that fits the window- for example, a roman shade- that you can easily pull up whenever you are washing dishes.

Hang Window

Upgrading your kitchen sink

Ideally, the sink should be the center of attention in the kitchen. Therefore, it is always important to acquire the right kind of kitchen sink that suits your lifestyle and lasts a long time. The sink should also cohere with the kitchen’s decorative theme.

You also ought to remember that there are more sink finishes than the standard stainless steel sink. There is a variety of materials you can use to bring life to your kitchen. For example, you can opt for sinks that are made of porcelain on steel, cast iron, vitreous china, or natural stone. Finding a sink with a finish that coheres with the kitchen space’s style will incredibly spruce up your kitchen.

Try the hacks listed above and you will significantly improve the look of your kitchen.