Disable Comments in WordPress Website

Hello to all of you! When a new page at WordPress website or blog is created then it has comments system as a default. This system may disgust you when you may publish as many pages and sometimes forget to disable the box of comments. Some days before one WordPress user had a query, whether there is any easy method to remove comments that are given on the pages of WordPress.

In this article we will guide you how to remove and disable comments in a WordPress website? You can easily use the platform of WordPress to make websites that may hardly look like a blog. You can create these pages to frame interesting and engaging content. Also, you can easily create customizable post and have a separate page for blog posts. You may not feel comfortable when any body posts comments on the pages of your WordPress website.

Steps to disable comments on WordPress pages

1. Comment Plugin

For turning off comments on your WordPress pages the first thing that you require is installing and activating a No Page Comment plugin. After activation you will require to visit Settings>>No Page Comment so that the plugin may get configured.

2. Trackbacks and Comments

If you desire to disable comments on recently created pages of WordPress themes then you may check the check box that has trackbacks and comments next to pages and make a click on the button of update settings. If you want to remove comments on all previous pages then you may click on the option of Disable All Comments and Disable All Trackback buttons next to pages under the option of Modify All Current section.

3. Editing Page

Remember that even after having comments disabled on your WordPress pages you will have to be careful. You will need editing the page on which you want to curb posting of comments. When you watch the screen of post editor then you will need to click on the option button of the screen on the corner of the screen on the upper right corner. This will take you to a fly down menu where you will require checking the box that is set next to the discussion.

4. Meta box for discussion

Once you check the discussion box and scroll it downward, you will find a meta box for discussion on the screen of post editor. This meta box enables you to enable or prevent comments on a single page.

How to remove comments on selected posts and pages?

This system is beneficial if you desire to disable comments only on selected posts and pages. This system can help you especially if you want to prevent comments on the page of static front. Just go to the page of Edit on which you can easily disable comment. When you reach the Top Right Area of the selected page you will find an option called Screen Options. Just make a click on it.

How to remove comments to a new post?

When you check the option of Discussion a Meta Box will be seen below the post editor. It is titled Discussion. From that box you can enable or disable pingbacks and comments. If you wish to disable comments you can uncheck the check box showing comments at present. If you wish to disable all WordPress comments on articles that may be published in future then go to Settings>Discussion and deselect on this option. In this way you may disable comments on future posts.


When you publish an article on your WordPress page then many people may read it. Some of them may leave comments on your article. If you do not wish to receive any comment on your WordPress post then you may follow the steps that have been explained to you in this article.