Do you love wearing anarkali suits? An era where the everlasting effect of lehenga choli and sarees considered grand for the event like a wedding, Anarkali suits, on the other hand, are perfect for pre-wedding and post-wedding outfits.

The colour combinations like pink and blue, orange and golden, green and purple may have lost their charm but red and gold combination never went out of fashion even after so many years and is still acknowledged as the extraordinary color combination for the bride, anyday.

Anarkali suit has been in trend during the Mughal Empire and has now came to limelight as a fashion wear. Many celebrities and icons are seen embracing these beautiful Anarkali suits in social events, red carpet events and during festivals to exhibit the masterpieces created by the fashion designers rich in colour and pattern for us to take inspiration from.

Take a look at these assorted collections of alluring Anarkali suits chosen just for you.

1. Red Anarkali Suit Front Slit

The ideal wear for wedding, as a bride or a bridesmaid. The classic Anarkali suit with a contemporary touch. In most Anarkali suits the pajami is either less visible or not visible, this look ensures exactly what design needs to be seen and how.

Red Anarkali Suit Front Slit

The usual Anarkali cut differently followed by Zari work all over the suit. Not to
forget the narrow trouser with the little work on the ankle. Intricate work on the sleeves and choli for more premium look. Show what you got while you walk!

2. Red Golden Banarasi Suit

The absolute favorite for summers and mild winters. The full-length Anarkali suit is a perfect fit for any event. Light work and an elegant neckline to show off your best self, the neck, and shoulders without having to expose much.

Red Golden Banarasi Suit

Banarasi silk is known for the shine and great texture which eventually comes when it’s put on, paired with a simple dupatta for full-fledged neat look.

3. Red A-Line Anarkali Suit

For not-so-lean to show off their curves, this ensemble fits right in your closet. Sophisticated layout with simple choli and heavy embroidery on sleeves and the skirt paired with a net dupatta to gel well when taken across the shoulders.

Did you notice little “latkans” for extra weight?

Red A-Line Anarkali Suit

4. Red Heavy Anarkali Suit

Enunciating about a wedding, detailed work and heavy embroidery plays a vital role. A proper fitting from the bust and a grand flair below. The dazzling effect of heavy zardosi work on Anarkali suits far and wide making it an excellent choice for the Wedding.

Red Heavy Anarkali Suit

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5. Red Raw Silk Anarkali Suit

Likewise its palatial softness and elegant look that has made silk achieve top regent in the fabric industry which other fabrics does not have. This all climate fabric is able-bodied and can hold handwork and machine work really well by vasansi.

Red Raw Silk Anarkali Suit

The fine Kali work must have made an impression of a star. As well as the ankle length is strategically made to display your foot charms in style.

6. Georgette Anarkali Suit

Georgette is known for its light weight and smooth look. Heavy handwork can easily be controlled on georgette. Super easy to dye, this fabric can hold the loudest of the colours and give a bouncy effect. Anarkali flair can be seen easily in georgette due to its exuberant texture.

Georgette Anarkali Suit

Hook a look of every person with a charming personality wearing this beauty.

7. Anarkali Suit without Dupatta

The impressive motifs made on this Anarkali suit is beyond words. It depicts what an independent woman should look like. The rare style of fitting from the waist and an awe-inspiring flair with intricate work on borders, sleeves full of minute details and a neckline of a queen.

Anarkali Suit without Dupatta

This Anarkali suit can surely be a replacement of evening gown as it can be worn without the need to carry a dupatta along.

8. Anarkali Suit with Georgette Sleeves

Raw silk Anarkali suit is most preferred suit because of its luster and luxurious look. A slight change in the fabric on sleeves makes the appearance more high-class and full of praises. With less loud work on the suit and focussing more on threadwork gives cloth an expression.

Anarkali Suit with Georgette Sleeves

Be it a sangeet ceremony, engagement ceremony, sagan ceremony or a wedding, Anarkali suits will always have a better edge towards dressing. The fascinating thing about Anarkali suits is that they can be worn event after another on different occasions. Either go for heavy suits or the simpler ones, audiences will love Anarkali suits in every way.

Due to large working space and colour contrasts that make a simple looking cloth a magnificent artistry, trendsetters always choose Anarkali suits to showcase their work and these are few reasons why Anarkali suits were never out of trend and now we know why.

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By Punit