Marble Benchtops

If you ask any homeowner about what material will make your home look luxurious, then the immediate choice that comes out is the marble. And it’s true. Marble, when installed as flooring, benchtops, or as simple home decor, elevates your interiors, adds class, and increases the home value.

That’s why marble has never-ending popularity. Regarded as soft stone when compared to hard stones like granite, marble has made its way into every home, at least in the form of benchtops. Whether you want to add them in the kitchen or bathroom – the many variants of marble are sure to match your interior style.

Now, let’s see in-depth on why marble has become a favorite choice for homeowners:

1. Eye-catching appeal

Marble Benchtops

Whenever you look at marble surfaces, you can’t help but admire the soft appeal that emanates from them. With grayish lines and the irregular but perfect patterns catch your heart in an instant. Also, there are many color choices in marbles like solid white, solid black, and also include warm and vibrant hues like rose, yellow, green, etc. 

The abundance of this choice allows you to have eye-catching benchtops in the kitchen. When you enter the room, you can feel your mood lifted. It gives you enough rush to do the cooking for the day.

2. Heat-resistant

Marble is not only aesthetic but functional as well. When you have marble benchtops in your kitchen, you can cook and work on them without the fear of damaging the stone. As it can withstand the extreme temperature of heat, you can place hot pans directly on them. This heat flexibility makes the marble the most desirable choice among many homeowners.

3. Flexibility in design

With marble, you don’t have to restrict yourself to standard shapes in benchtops like square or rectangle. As marble is a soft stone, you can have the flexibility to cut the stone in any form you want. Whether you want a curved benchtop or any other shape suitable to your kitchen and style – any design is possible with marble, unlike granite. For added aesthetics, you can have fancy edges and other fabrication benefits.

4. Strong and durable

You may wonder about the strength of the marble as it’s a soft stone. However, this stone is shown to have strong characteristics when installed as benchtops. It can tolerate the pressure of pans falling, accidental falls, or bumps in the kitchen. You don’t have to tread carefully while working in the kitchen. 

5. Easily available

Marble is available worldwide and there is no shortage of this material. You can find them in stone yards, fabricators, or near stone retailers. It is not like granite or quartz which are difficult to find whenever you need. So, if you are renovating in the off-season, you don’t have to fear about not finding the marble material.

6. A cool surface

Marble is heat-resistant but it provides a cool surface to work with. As it’s naturally cool and a bad conductor of heat, you will enjoy working on the marble as much as you enjoy cooking. Even in hot summers, the marble doesn’t heat up too much for you to suffocate.

7. Adds value

You may be hesitant to invest in marble as it’s costly. However, it makes up the cost for the value it adds to your home. Because of its timeless beauty and elegance, you will never get tired of seeing the surfaces made with marble. Also, during the resale time, it fetches you value more than you invested in the home. 

8. Easy to remove stains

When you spill liquids like curries, sauces, or red wine on the marble surface, you can remove them with immediate cleaning. However, if you leave them for too long, a stain may appear as marble absorbs its contents. This is because of the porous material of the marble. So, whenever there is any spill, clean them away instantly to protect the elegance of the marble.

9. Perfect for baking

Marble Benchtops

Baking involves a lot of dough molding, kneading, etc. With surfaces like marble, you can use it directly for any baking purpose. Whether you want to slice pizza or dust the cake – marble surface is perfect for baking. 

Also, as baking products need to be prepared at room temperature – the naturally cool surface of the marble maintains the heat correctly without damaging the taste or texture of the food.

The Bottom Line

Marble benchtops have the benefits that every homeowner wishes for. If you’re still hesitant about them, read the pros and cons of marble benchtops to have the correct idea. And accordingly, you can decide whether it’s suitable for the kitchen or not.

By kamlesh