Five Reasons Why Your Flooring Should Be Installed By Professionals

Flooring professionals

Whether you are installing hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting, the flooring in your Calgary home is a major investment. Because of the expense, it can be tempting to try installing your floors on your own to save some money. However, it is the very fact that your flooring is a major investment, that it is best to leave the installation to the professionals. You don’t want to spend the money on flooring only to ruin their value with a botched installation! Here we offer five reasons why professionals should install your flooring.

1. Proper Skills

Professional flooring installers get the job done right. They understand the ins and outs of all types of flooring and have the tools and experience to lay your floors properly. Even a flooring installation in Calgary such as laminate has finicky areas where improper installation can completely ruin the appearance of your new floors. Proper installation means your floors:

  • Are even without any bumps, lifting or mismatched transitions to avoid tripping hazards
  • Proper laying of floorboards to avoid buckling and bulging
  • Proper tools to properly stretch wall to wall carpeting to avoid issues such as buckling

It is very difficult to achieve the perfection of a professional floor installer.

2. Installation Prep

A well-laid floor all starts with subfloor preparation. Most DIYers are unfamiliar with the required preparation depending on the type of flooring installed. For example, hardwood is very different from laminate, which needs a special underlay. Proper prep avoids future issues such as cupping or gaps in both laminate and hardwood floors. Carpeting uses a special foam underpadding that is often glued to the subfloors. Professional floor installation starts from the subfloor up to ensure the entire job is sound.

3. A Time Efficient Installation

Professional installations take a day or two, depending on the scope of work. When you take on a major DIY project like flooring, you’ll find you are working on it for weeks. This is because it takes you longer to complete the work due to a lack of experience. What you hope to achieve in a weekend, tends to go on for a few weekends.

And that’s when you are totally committed to the project and you don’t have to worry about other issues coming up such as kids, work, social engagements, etc. Professional floor installers are time management experts who understand how long each job takes and schedule accordingly. You know your flooring Calgary project is handled efficiently without the worry of living in disarray for more than a day or two.

4. Less Waste

Professional installers understand how costly mistakes and waste are for their business. Therefore, they are skilled at avoiding damage during installation that can really add up. For every floorboard your damage, or piece of carpet you tear, you are adding to your own costs. With professional installers, you need not worry about such damages, as even if they do damage your floors, the cost for those damages comes out of their own pockets. With DIY floor installation, you have to foot the bill for everything.

You’re also on the hook to troubleshoot and fix the damage. Without proper experience and a clear understanding of flooring, it can be pretty tough trying to figure out where you went wrong. Professional installers ensure they don’t cause damage or issues when they perform their work. However, should something happen, they stand behind their work and will perform the necessary fixes.

5. Improved Appearance

Every home has its challenges from fireplace hearths to odd angles and curves to uneven floorboards. Regardless of the challenge, it takes skill to lay your flooring perfectly. DIY jobs can lead to issues that take away from your new flooring’s look. Each type of flooring requires its own installation method to ensure the floors maintain their beauty and integrity. Professional installation also ensures your floors look beautiful for years to come. Their attention to detail ensures there are beautiful transitions that maintain a consistent look throughout your home.

They also install your floorboards and quarter round with proper cuts to match every angle seamlessly. You might also be surprised to learn that when your flooring is not perfect, it can interfere with the sale of your home. In fact, today’s finicky buyers will insist on negotiating a lower price if they find imperfections in the flooring. This eats into your flooring’s return on investment.

As you can see it just makes good sense to protect your investment and have professional floor installers manage your project.