Things to Consider When Purchasing Graduation Flowers in Singapore.

Purchasing Graduation Flowers in Singapore

Graduation is a time for celebration and genuine joy. It’s also a transition marking the end of years of hard work, sometimes even more so than high school graduation. Many people find themselves in need of an ally when they enter this new phase. There’s one company that can help – Florists in Singapore are notorious for their expertise in flowers, bouquets, baskets, and corsages.

Tips for buying graduation flowers in Singapore

1. Cost

It’s important to think about how much money you’re willing to spend. This can be hard when considering the fact that graduation is one of the most important events in your life, but it’s a very important part of the process. Keep in mind that price isn’t indicative of quality – make sure you get what you want, not what’s on sale.

2. Timing

Be aware that flowers are seasonal, so don’t choose a bouquet that won’t last long. If you order early and include enough time for delivery (in Singapore, 3-7 working days), you should have no problem receiving beautiful graduation flowers Singapore on time! If your order is late by even a day, it will be particularly disappointing.

3. Recipient

Graduation flowers in Singapore for a female recipient are usually a good choice because of their color and scents, which tend to be more elegant and nice. So, if you’re giving flowers to your teacher or professor, consider roses or lilies for a sweet scent that will be appreciated. Another good choice is daisies – they won’t easily die, so choose this bouquet if your professor has poor damage control.

4. Color

Red is always the color of choice for most occasions, especially if it’s a bouquet. Red roses tell the recipient that you really mean something to them. If you’re giving flowers to a male teacher, consider giving him red carnations or tulips – they’re delicate so your gift will be easily accepted.

5. Location

Think about where the flowers are going before you make your decision! If you’re sending them to someone in Singapore, choose plant material that can withstand heat and humidity, such as anthuriums and orchids.

6. The message

Make sure you include a handwritten note in the book of your best wishes for your graduate.

7. The occasion

Graduation is not the only time to send flowers– there are also other occasions when you might want to send beautiful bouquets. Here are some examples:

On your wedding anniversary, flowers can be delivered on their own or as part of a gift basket (make sure they have a good shelf life!).

On the occasion of your birthday, buy beautifully arranged baskets that contain different kinds of fresh flowers.

On a baby’s first birthday, send little bouquets that contain fruit and other sweets as well as fresh flowers.

8. The style

For flower delivery in leisure parks, the best option is to choose balloon bouquets. Their light and elegant look will make your gift more beautiful and perfect.

9. Long lasting

The best option for flowers that you want to last as long as possible is to pick from the following:


When you choose flowers in Singapore, make sure that you buy them early enough so you can be sure they will be delivered on time. The best bet is to look for an online florist that will provide quality flowers at a reasonable price.