Taking care of roof is very important as the weather is changing, in some places is cold already. Is your roof ready to tackle the snow and cold? You have to be very cautious about preventing leak and other issues which have connection with the roof. Locate a roofing company to help you prepare your roof in winter.

There are certain things which you have to do before the arrival of each season.

Prepare Your Roof for Winter

1. Schedule a roof inspection:

Before winter arrives, get a professional who will do proper inspection of your roof. These checkups will be helpful in handling minor issues in your roofing. The inspector will check the damage or the areas that will cause damage to your roof because it is necessary to fix all the damages so the negligible damage won’t change into a great problem in snowy season.

Inspector will look for following problems:

  • Open or loose seams
  • Cracked caulking and failed sealants
  • Gaps
  • Loose roof edge/perimeter
  • Punctures

2. Clean and clear

When your roof is being inspected, it is important to avoid issues for that make sure that your roof and gutters are clean. If your have water sit on the roof then that can also cause problem. Branches, leaves, trash and any other thing which aren’t a part of your roof they should be removed. Such things can puncture your roof and water will enter into your system.

Water needs a place to go, when the snow melts. At that time, make sure that all of your gutter and drains are clean and clear so water won’t sit in your rooftop.

3. Evaluate the adjacent areas

It’s not only important to examine your roof but you also you need to look at the surrounding areas adjacent to your roof. You have to look for trees and buildings that can affect your roof during the winter season.


Trees and branches which are hanging around your area can be a possible hazard. These branches can put great amount of weight, or it might happen that whole branch will break and land on your roof.

Surrounding Buildings

If there are other buildings around your facility, you have the possibility that snow will flow from their roof to your roof. It’s important to know about hazards as you enter in winters so that you and your contractor are prepared for anything problem whether it is minor or big.


It does not matter how you treat a commercial roof leak, the thing which is important is to solve the problem before it gets bigger. If you treat a small leak then it will turn into a great problem. Water getting through your roofing system can cause significant damage to your building from mold to structural damage.


Prepare an action plan in case of any emergency that you will face in winters. Make sure that you know whom to call and what to do in the event of a roof leak. Make a file of information about your roofing system. Gather your contractor’s information, insurance paperwork and a copy of your warranty somewhere that is easy to access.

With all these tips by roofing contractors, your winter season will be passed without any problem in your roofing system. The most important thing is to clear your roofing system if there is any trash and clean your gutter and drains and have a check on your damaged roofing system.

By Punit