Places To Visit in Klungkung

With a strange-sounding name (to the people unfamiliar with the Indonesian language), “Klungkung” is the smallest district of Bali, Indonesia with its capital in Semarapura. It is surrounded by the Bangli regency (north), Karangasem regency (east), Gianyar regency (west) and the Indian Ocean (south). This place is unique in its own way. A well planned Bali tour packages can go a long way in making this place special in your memories.

1. Kerta Gosa and Taman Gili

It was built-in 1686 by Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe, Klungkung royal building houses the Kerta Gosa. It attracts the visitors from everywhere for its garden and surrounding Balinese architecture popularised in the 17th century. The complex, however, was subjected to mutilation in 1908 during the Dutch colonial invasion. The architecture is the most striking in the building of Bale Kambang (which requires you to pass a brick bridge) and enhanced by the surrounding pool, Gili Park.

Kerta Gosa and Taman Gili

2. Agung Klungkung Temple

Located in the capital city, Semarapura, Agung Klungkung is a monument of historical importance. Erected in the 17th century, the placemarks the greatness of the erstwhile Kingdom of Klungkung but that also reached the state of ruins as a result of Dutch conquering Indonesia in 1908. People, as well as Government, have come together to preserve this heritage of theirs.

Agung Klungkung Temple

3. Pesinggahan Village

Bewitching pristine beaches of the village and Pura Goa Lawah are the prime reasons visitors come down to the village, there is where Pesinggahan located. And if you are a fan of satay fish, you have landed in the right place for a relaxing day trip with great food options.

Pesinggahan Village

4. Kamsan Village

With a small population spread in 249 hectares of land, the village is just 4 Km away from the capital of the Klungkung Regency. Art lovers feel at home in this small village by the name Kamsan. They flock to the place for the world-renowned Balinese wayang kulit painting. Admire the hard works of the locals and take one back as a souvenir with you while you enjoy a day here with your art-loving better half on your exclusively designed Bali honeymoon packages.

Kamsan Village

5. Semarajaya Museum

Located nearby Bale Kambang building, this museum is a natural halt for the visitors to the Kertha Gosa. One minute walk from the building and you will be here in a few blinks of your eyes. Came to the existence due to the Dutch government after they won over the kingdom in the Puputan war, the museum preserves prehistoric weapons and other recovered objects. The photos of the king of Klungkung before the war are also worth mentioning.

Semarajaya Museum

6. Tukad Unda Waterfall

Once the Dam of Unda, it is now a waterfall that goes by the name Tukad Unda. The place is more popular for its popularity among the couples to get their photoshoot done keeping it as the backdrop. Honeymooners have a special place in their heart for the waterfall and that’s understandable. You can get romantic under the waterfall and even fish in the river, and that too, without spending any money.

Tukad Unda Waterfall

7. Melangit River

If you like a bit of adrenaline rushing through your body, the idea of rafting in the river is irresistible, making it a popular thing-to-do by the visitors. The surrounding scenery would make you fall in love with it and wrap you in an unmatched coziness. Bakas Levi rafting provides the service for 350.000 rupiahs per person.

7. Melangit River

So how soon you are buying a Bali holiday packages with Klungkung included in the itinerary?

By Punit