Office Rentals Vary Depending on the Size and Facilities

Kuala Lumpur is the capital and largest city in Malaysia and has a large number of small, medium, and large businesses as well as startups. While larger companies can afford to purchase or rent office premises, smaller businesses and startups often have low revenues and do not make a profit. So these businesses cannot afford to spend much on renting an office. Yet these businesses are having local clients who would like to meet at the office or send mail to the office address. Hence they are would like to get more information on finding a low-cost office for rent Kuala Lumpur, so that they can select a suitable office based on their budget

Office Rentals

Virtual office

For a large number of startups and businesses, most of the work is done at the client’s place or at home. However, when promoting a business, the business owner has to provide his office address to prove that it is a legitimate business. These address details are also published online in directories so that potential customers can contact the business. However, most business owners do not want their home addresses to be published online for security and privacy reasons. Hence for these business owners hiring a virtual office is the most cost-effective option since a virtual office package gives them a business address in Kuala Lumpur at an affordable price.

This address can be used for marketing and business promotion purposes. The virtual office also includes mail handling, the service provider will have staff who will receive all the correspondence on behalf of the client. The business owner can then collect the correspondence received whenever it is convenient for them. Realizing that small businesses cannot afford to pay more, usually, no deposit is charged for the virtual office package.

Desk space.

Most smaller businesses have less than four employees, and they only require desk space for doing the computer, writing, and other work. These businesses do not want to spend money on hiring and maintenance of a large office, so they can hire desk space. There are multiple options for hiring desk space, a business can hire desk space for one or more employees based on the business size.

There are usually staff or professionals from different companies sharing the same room, so the cost of hiring desk space is much lower than hiring an office. Additionally, the clients can interact and network with other businesses to generate leads, orders, and business partnerships.

Office Rentals

Lockable shared office

Business information should be kept confidential and if it is shared with others, it can lead to great financial losses. Since employees often discuss business details among themselves, businesses with two or more employees should hire a studio-type shared office for greater privacy. This office space is lockable so the business can leave important documents and electronics in their shared office.

However, all other services like cleaning, mail handling, security, printing, photocopying, and faxing are shared with other businesses hiring offices on the same premises, so the rental cost is usually lower. Additional facilities like meeting rooms can also be hired.