Robin Hsiao (far right in pink shirt) at an NSTNCT Training with Mike Atkinson and Taiwanses athletes
Robin Hsiao (far right in pink shirt) at an NSTNCT Training with Mike Atkinson and Taiwanses athletes

  Mike Atkinson sees potential for growth where others might overlook it. This NBA performance coach has a client list made up of multiple NBA All Stars as well as CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) MVPs. Media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and ESPN turn to him for expert insight. Mike’s awareness of the underserved Taiwanese market has turned his gaze to this country’s basketball community and the creation of NSTNCT, a social media brand that inspires and educates emerging talent there. To sculpt and maximize the impact of NSTNCT, Mike is utilizing the expertise of Creative Content Coordinator Robin Hsiao. Ms. Hsiao brings years of successful projects in both cultures and a remarkably insightful skillset to the online platform. Robin professes, “I’ve spent a couple of years working in sports in Taiwan, witnessing various training sessions but none quite like Mike’s. I still remember the first time I filmed one of his sessions with a top Taiwanese college player—it was truly eye-opening. However, while we recognize the value of Mike’s training for Taiwanese players, not everyone can afford to travel to New York City for it. That’s where I believe the NSTNCT account and our training program come into play. As a content creator for NSTNCT, I see immense meaning in our work. We have the opportunity to help Mike reach and impact more Taiwanese players and coaches, imparting the wisdom of an experienced NBA trainer to a broader audience.”

 Assessing growth requires knowledge of the potential as well as deficiencies. Having spent six years in Taiwan’s sports industry prior to her move to the US, Robin brings a deep understanding along with her social media skillset to the NSTNCT project. In short, she understands exactly what the Taiwanese market and its athletes find captivating. The NSTNCT account speaks to both coaches and players. From an educational perspective, it addresses both coaches and the players to consider how both can maximize gains. Producing and filming reels such as “How do Players Think” and “The Key About Power” gives insight into how Mike Atkinson’s brain works uniquely and reveals the possibilities for increasing skill and tactics. Sculpting that conduit via NSTNCT’s social media is an endeavor which Robin finds intuitive thanks to her years in the industry. She remarks, “I believe when you’ve been working closely with someone like him for a while, you start to pick up on those moments that are really worth capturing. After spending a few training sessions alongside Mike, I’ve gotten to know his training style. So now, I can tell when it’s best to film him and when to focus on the players. And it’s not just basketball – the same goes for any sport. When you’re familiar with the teams or athletes, you can anticipate what’s coming and plan your shots accordingly.”

  NSTNCT follows Taiwanese players who travel to New York City for training with Mike. The remarkable success he has had training top NBA players is also seen in these young athletes. Just as importantly, the benefits are communicated to numerous other athletes in Taiwan and their coaches. The consistent improvement seen through interviews and training sessions on NSTNCT underscores the effectiveness of Mike’s approach. While many athletes are willing to travel to NYC to work with him directly, NSTNCT will eventually lead to an establishment of licensed NSTNCT coaches in Taiwan. Based on the massive engagement on Instagram, Robin Hsiao has immediate metrics which inform her of the impact of NSTNCT and her work to create a bridge for young athletes in her home country. She notes, “It gives me a real sense of accomplishment. It’s amazing to think that something I’ve created is helping drive positive changes in Taiwan’s basketball training scene. It’s incredibly rewarding to see players and coaches improve after being part of our program in New York City or attending Mike’s camps in Taiwan. Even though I’m not the one on the court with them, knowing that our efforts are making a difference for them is truly fulfilling.” Progress happens through knowledge, determination, and applied talent; NSTNCT is manifesting that change at an expeditious rate.

Writer: Basil Thomson

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