Get to Know National Dishes of All 14 South American Countries

National Dishes Of South American Countries
national dishes of South American countries

Well, what is a national dish? A national dish is a culinary dish that is strongly related to a particular country. A national dish is that food of the country which is famous and something intrinsically linked to the sense of culture. For example, if we talk about the national dish of India, it is Khichdi. Almost every house or every person in India knows how to cook Khichdi and this is the most eaten meal in India.

Therefore, it is represented as the national dish by the government of India. People from traditional times used to cook Khichdi and eat it. Hence, this particular dish is claimed as the national dish of India. We have collected a list of all national dishes of South American countries here for you.

This is true that not everyone is going to love this dish but it is more popular than any other food. Particularly, National dishes represent different cultures and how they originated. There are many dishes available but the national dish is the culinary dish that is associated with a particular country. Talking about the South American countries, many people are interested to know about the cuisine of these countries. 

List of all national dishes of South American countries

So, let’s explore the national dishes of South American countries and know why these are famous for their taste and delicacy.

1.) Feijoada : National Dish of Brazil

Feijoada : National Dish of Brazil

Well, the national dish of Brazil is Feijoada that is very famous in Brazil. It comes from the word feijão, which is the Portuguese word for beans. It is a black bean stew that is brewed with a variety of salted and smoked pork and beef products. We can say taken from the sea with smoke. The basic ingredients of this dish are beef or fresh pork with beans. The meal is just as comforting, rich, and vibrant as the music. In Brazil, it is differently made with black pepper which gives it a unique taste. 

2. Bandeja Paisa : National Dish of Columbia

Bandeja Paisa : National Dish of Columbia

The national dish of Columbia is Bandeja Paisa which is a kind of Greek dish but is a Spanish version of that. This dish is translated to a platter and then into Paisa. Talking about the word Paisa it refers to the place in Columbia. It is unlike other Latin American dishes.

It is now named as the national food. The main characteristic of this dish is the generous amount and variety of food in this traditional dish: white rice, red beans cooked with pork, fried egg, black pudding, ground meat, avocado, hogao sauce, plantain, arepa, and lemon. 

3.)  Asados : National Dish of Argentina

Considering the famous dish, the national dish of Argentina is Asados. It is a variety of barbecued meat that is grilled on the parallel large drill and backed with some sticks ribs. Some food items are also included such as sweet bread, some strew brew, and steamed meat.

This is followed by a sausage which is known as blood sausage. It is served with stepped pastries that are either filled with meat, corn, vegetable, stew, no cheese and are highly popular at parties and other festive occasions. Sometimes demolishers that are a sweet bread are brought from Italy.

4. Ceviche: National Dish of Peru

Ceviche: National Dish of Peru

Considering the national dish of Peru is Ceviche, which is the best version of the marinated fish dish and it is a fresh and healthy dish that you will ever find. This dish also known as ceviche, seviche, or seviche is a South American seafood dish that actually originated in Peru. This dish is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in fresh citrus juices, most commonly lemon or lime, and spiced with ají, chili peppers, or other seasonings. It also includes chopped onions, salt, and coriander.

5. Pabellón Criollo: National Dish of Venezuela

Pabellón Criollo: National Dish of Venezuela

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The national dish of Venezuela is Pabellón Criollo which is cooked with the white rose shaded beef and some bread with the stew Black Beans. It is also served with chicken pot pie and sometimes with spiciness meat. It carries authentic flavors Black Beans and rice. They both come together with the slow cooker and are made with beautiful traditional rice meat. The meat and rice combination makes it even more amazing. This is the national dish that is more good and yummy than you are ever going to eat.

6.) Cazuelas : National Dish of Chile

Cazuelas : National Dish of Chile

The national dish of Chile is Cazuelas, which is part of the king’s national cuisine or the traditional cuisine. It is a simple and delicious dish that comes in many variations that has a beef of fog lamp or chicken which is probably served with bone and meat.

It is then snickered in water or brought with garlic onions, oregano paprika. Talking about the key features, it is the national holiday celebrations dish that takes place in September and this dish cooking is amazing. The most important thing is that this dish has a very unique taste and is almost loved by every Tourister.

7.)  Encebollado : National Dish of Ecuador

 Encebollado : National Dish of Ecuador

The national dish of Ecuador is Encebollado, which is a hearty dish that comparatively consists of tribes simmered in a source of peanuts and different potatoes. Name of the dish actually can be translated as the little flower girl tribe. The procedure to make this dish is simple as it is chopped and fried with onion and Spices. Then it is combined with potatoes and peanut butter. The dish is then traditionally served with white rice pickled onions, avocado slices, and the hot sauce on the side comparatively. 

8.) Salteñas National Dish of Bolivia

national dish of Bolivia is Salteñas

The national dish of Bolivia is Salteñas, which is a pretty variety and includes Alexander Grapes. If we talk about the specific things and the strict rules regarding the production method and the base mine is just Complex. It was henceforth produced in the 19th century and was invented as a SpanishGrand Prix dish. It originated from the center of the Silver Mining industry but now it is produced in the Teresa and La Pass signal. This is the only dish produced in the Bolivian high valleys and is considered the national liquor of Bolivia.

9.) Sopa paraguaya : National Dish of Paraguay

Paraguay - Sopa paraguaya

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Sopa Paraguaya is a traditional Paraguayan dish that means Paraguayan so far. It is similar to combat corn flour, pig fat butter cheese, and milk and they are the common ingredients. It is a sponge cake that is rich in Calories and protein content. The national dish of Paraguay is Sopa paraguaya. This dish is very popular; it is a warming chicken soup. A thick product is made with the fall with the back on fat-rich tomato sauce and vegetables is cornbread made from corn-made eggs and many other things. 

10.) Chivito Sandwich : National Dish of Uruguay

Chivito Sandwich : National Dish of Uruguay

This sandwich is a brilliant Shield. It is an amazing and unparalleled dish. The national dish of Uruguay is Chivito Sandwich. It has different things used like Steak mozzarella and a fried egg. This is the whole country’s favorite. It has a little goat cheese and vitamins. According to the story The dish was created in 1960.

11.) Curry Chicken: National Dish of Guyana

Curry Chicken : National Dish of Guyana

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Considering the national dish of Guyana is curry chicken. This dish is cooked in Pepper Pot. Pepper Pot is a steeped dish that is strongly flavored with cinema cassadee, Pope, and the other basic ingredients including Hot Pepper. It is a carrier that includes chicken sea, food court lamp and it has amazing taste and it is a dumpling dish that is usually served with some coconut milk and some spicy sauces. 

12.) Chicken, and rice : National Dish of Suriname

Chicken, and rice : National Dish of Suriname

The national dish of Suriname is chicken and rice that is also locally introduced by the Portuguese street people and the landowners at the potato casserole. Potatoes were the main ingredient. This is the top of the dish. This is an amazing potato dish that contains some kind of chicken and rice. It is a chicken and rice dish that is the most popular made from local meat and root vegetables. It is guaranteed in the winter warmer and this is also known as performing the way it is made. 

13.) Bouillon d’awara : National Dish of French Guiana

Bouillon d'awara : National Dish of French Guiana

The national dish of French Guiana is Bouillon d’awara, which is a traditional dish that is made from fish, seafood, chicken, vegetables fictitious derived from an hour of fruit. It makes it soft, then it is created and dried and served as a side dish sometimes with the meat. The fish is cooked in banana plant leaves in the cuisine. This queen dish is amazing in taste and is a very delicious meal that not only tastes better but is healthier too.

14.) Smoko : National Dish of Falkland Islands

Smoko : National Dish of Falkland Islands

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The national dish of Falkland Island is Smoko or we can say the Smokey dish is a very well-known dish in the Falkland Islands. It consists of fish fillets or grilled fish sometimes. They are from the local firms and safe to serve with steam wedges. The smoke is well known in the form of an electron. It is a snap of tea or coffee and a glimpse of homemade cakes in the camp.