The experience of moving from a big city to a tiny island can be quite tricky. You have to stay patient for a certain period until you get adjusted to the place. It is not easy for people who are used to living in crowded cities. The absence of skyscrapers and skyscrapers is something that will require time to adjust. Formentera is one of the best places where you can go to enjoy a chill vacation, however, there are a few things that you need to know to avoid any kind of hassle later.

Moving to Formentera Island

Here are a few things mentioned that you should know before moving to Formentera Island.  


This could sound surprising, but it’s true, speaking Spanish is an added advantage if you want to move there permanently. People prefer speaking Spanish because they want to preserve this unique culture that they have on the Island. In case you have a foreign accent, it is not a bad idea to enroll in a Spanish course. That way you will be able to communicate with the locals that live there.


Although Formentera Island has been safe enough for tourists that have stayed there by the last decades, it is not encouraged to visit the Island as a tourist. It is advised to go there as a local which helps you obtain better services and amazing deals. So, you should make prior arrangements with those resorts before going to Formentera Island. 


One of the most important things about this island is its high expenses which can go up to more than £1000 per day, which means beach houses and other facilities will cost more than £3000 per week. It depends upon your priority that if you want to be comfortable all the time, you need to pay more. If you are happy staying for a few days at cheap beach houses, you should go for affordable options.

Moving to Formentera Island

Beach Resorts  

Most of the beaches on Formentera Island are very crowded. So, if you want to have your privacy, it is advised that you book one of the beach resorts in advance to avoid any last-minute issues and high expenses. There are beach resorts in Formentera Island that offer the best deals for tourists and residents. You can even find apartments or Villa en Formentera with the help of online websites.  

Beach Houses

These beach houses are very well designed and can accommodate up to four people. They come with private balconies, unique designs, and unique beach views. You can also take help from an authentic online website like that knows all about the island and its villas to help you Comprare casa a formentera. It also provides other services like assistance to purchase, nautical taxi, car and motorcycle rental, boat rental, ferry, private transfer, photographing, event organizing, and a lot more. 

Moving to Formentera Island


The food on Formentera Island is delicious and very cheap. You should explore as many restaurants as possible that offer good quality food at affordable prices.

Sa Caleta

Located in the far north of the island, Sa Caleta is a quiet and serene beach surrounded by rocks and cliffs. This beach attracts many local visitors because it offers easy access. The sand is quite fine sand, which makes this beach even more attractive.  It is quite calm and offers excellent swimming conditions. The beautiful scenery and the natural artifacts add even more charm to the place.

Santa Maria 

This beach is located in an area known as Santa Maria, which is quite popular with fishermen and vacationers alike. The sand here is very white and attracts both young and old people. The sides of the island can be seen right from this beach as it provides a scenic view all year round. The only downside to this beach is that it gets overcrowded during peak season during summer. 

Catalina Beach

This beach is not only one of the most picturesque in Formentera but also in the whole of Spanish territory. The beach stretches for about 10 kilometers and is two kilometers wide at times. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white. You can find plenty of marinas to rent out boats near this beach. There are various activities that you can do on the beach if you want a break from whatever is going around. Some people also go fishing or rent a boat for a trip on this island.

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