It’s undeniable that Croatia is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. It attracts millions of visitors annually. Croatia is planning to attract up to 17 million visitors a year. The major attraction includes the abundance of medieval cities and historic ruins. Especially the raw, wild beauty of its natural attractions such as over 3,600 miles of shoreline. You can find the Plitvice Lakes, countless beaches and islands and the spectacular Adriatic coastlines.

Here are 3 of the most beautiful cities you can find in the Croatia Sea.

Cities on The Croatian Sea

1. Dubrovnik.

It is located in the extreme southern coast of Croatia off the Adriatic Sea. The old city of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places to see, earning its nickname “Pearl of the Adriatic” and in 1979 was named a UNESCO world heritage site.

Dubrovnik is a 7th-century town originally established for maritime trade. The Old Town boasts many historic treasures that are a delight for visitors and sightseers. These include charming cobblestone streets, orange rooftop houses, breathtaking churches like the Dubrovnik Cathedral and numerous palaces and parks and the old defensive walls. Banje beach is another popular attraction located to the east of the Old Town, this beach has some of the best and most luxurious hotels available and is popular with water sports lovers.

There are a couple of ways for exploring Dubrovnik. You can go and do it by yourself which is not a bad thing to do if you know exactly what you are looking for since Dubrovnik is filled with things that are worth seeing and experiencing, you can book a Dubrovnik tour that will take you throughout the city and tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful city or you can just go free and explore the city, bask in its beauty, relax and enjoy the magnificent view that it provides you with.

Cities on The Croatian Sea

2. Hvar.

Another beautiful sea city is Hvar. It’s actually an island off the Dalmatian Coast popular for its natural landscape, lush colorful vineyards and stunning beaches. Hvar Town has one of the biggest and most beautiful town squares in all Croatia and is the main city in Hvar. It boasts its own share of historic sites including churches like the Cathedral of St. Stephen, Gothic palaces, a 13th-century wall, and an old fortress.

Hvar offers many opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation including a number of beaches, the largest being the pebbled, sheltered Dubovica beach. Surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful stone houses, it is worth seeing. Activities include sunbathing, cliff hiking, undersea exploration, swimming, and snorkeling.

Cities on The Croatian Sea

3. Sibenik.

Sibenik is part of the Sibenik Riviera and is the socio-political, economic, and cultural center of Sibenik-Knin County. It’s located in the middle Dalmatia and the river Krka empties into its bay, another example of the natural and diverse beauty of Croatia. Sibenik dates back many centuries and its Roman and Greek influences are evident in its architectural masterpieces.

Some popular attractions include the 14th-century Cathedral of Saint Jacob, fortresses like the St. Michael, and numerous landmarks of cultural and traditional beauty.

The picture-perfect coves, fresh sea breeze, and quiet beauty make Sibenik a favorite for visitors and tourists. Buildings are a mix of modern structures and old stone houses dotted along the hillside overlooking captivating islands and the sea.

Sibenik is so popular that it is now a popular choice with foreign buyers of real estate. The property prices tend to be a bit cheaper than nearby Split, meaning the real estate in Sibenik is booming and in high demand. There are a variety of properties available, the most popular being apartment sales.

Croatia is a land you must see for yourself to appreciate its beauty, it’s no wonder people, including George Bernard Shaw, have described it as paradise on earth.

By ZackH