Mobile cooking Games

There’s something inherently fun about cooking games that seem to attract us all. But are you a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef? Then these 5 games available for the Android and/or iOS platform will entertain you even more.

1. Cooking Master by Mouse Games

The basic idea is that you will have to serve food to a number of very hungry people. They will leave if you are not fast enough with their orders. So, if you like your cooking games fast-paced, you will particularly like Cooking Master. Once you get the hang of it, switch to a higher difficulty. You can target the online leader board. It is quite simplistic and doesn’t have too many variations. But there are no in-app purchases in this free, ad-supported game. Other than this the art style is quite appealing.

2. Cake Now-Cooking Games by

Cake Now-Cooking Games is another game with no hidden in-app purchases. It offers a nice little baking simulation experience from your smartphone or tablet. The option of having only six cakes to choose from is limiting. The ability to share your creations with your friends and family is a nice little touch that keeps this game interesting.

3. Bakery Story 2 by Storm8 Studios

If you always wanted to build an entire bakery from scratch, Bakery Story 2 will make that dream come true for you. Those that love baking or cooking business simulations have probably already tried at least the first one, but Bakery Story 2 brings a lot of improvements over the original by adding better graphics and more features to the mix. Just in case you get stuck anywhere on the game, check out Game Guide World for all the cheats, tips, and tricks that you can use to get out of the hard spot.

4. Cooking Fever by Nordcurrent

Cooking Fever on the Google Play Store has an “Editor’s Choice” badge on the listing and that instantly should tell you that this one is special. There are over 400 dishes and 150 ingredients in Cooking Fever, spread over a total of 19 locations that range from fast food joints to Oriental restaurants. There are also over 400 levels for the players to go through, while choosing in between hundreds of upgrades for everything from kitchen appliances to the décor of your business. Be warned though, Cooking Fever does have a good deal of in-app purchases, so you may need to spend some real money to get anywhere in the game.

5. Cooking Joy – Super Cooking Games, Best Cook! By Arthas Menethil

This one has one of the highest ratings from real players and there’s a good reason for that. It combines the fun of cooking, managing your business, and upgrading everything in one slick and attractive package. There’s even a World Tournament that you can compete in if you want.

Some of the in-game recipes are actually quite good in these and you may even end up learning a few new dishes by the time you are done! Feel free to try all five before deciding to stick with one and leveling up through the stages.