There has been a quick shift from accessing the Internet from laptops and desktops to now on smartphones. In fact, there are more than 5 billion people around the world using smartphones. This shows how the shift has been throughout the world and how mobile application needs is on the rise.  The prediction that mobile application development is a bubble has been completely proved wrong. This here to stay and rule with no time restrictions!

Mobile App Development Trends

With time, mobile applications have become a culture and everyone is now accustomed to it. This is because of their existence as location-based applications and also their development in the range of virtual and augmented reality. As per the research it has been stated that by 2020, the revenue generated by mobile applications is going to touch $188 billion or even more globally.

As per the information mentioned, 2019 is going to play a very big role when it comes to the future of mobile application development. There will be huge upgrades in the mobile applications already in use or you will see new trends in the industry of mobile application development. 

In fact with the 5G network on the trials, the era of mobile application development is certainly going to see a dramatic change. The chips integrated into your mobile phones are getting upgraded and in the coming time, they are certainly going to get even better. This gives developers a lot more in hand to play with for their needs of mobile application development. The virtual and augmented reality fans have already started feeling excited thinking about the development trends which one needs to watch out. 

Take a look:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages 

In 2016, Application Performance Management listings got infused into Google giving developers enough to make the most of! Getting these integrated into the mobile application framework gives developers the opportunity to use this version of HTML which can certainly enhance the user retention and most importantly experiences. One of such successful uses was of Facebook Instant Articles. These tools and metrics which monitors and get the bottlenecks resolved in no time and giving users the best of performance are certainly going to get more common.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

In the world of mobile applications, AI and machine learning have exclusively marched their way in. You might experience the manifest of AI in the form of chatbot. In fact, SIRI is proof of how artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a part of the mobile application world and there is no way it is going to get separated.

The demand for AI and machine learning is certainly going to get bigger as chatbots and virtual assistants and this is what this year will present us with!

3. Wearable Devices and IoT

Well, we should be thankful to Apple as now there is no question about affordability these days. The application developers are continuously working upon apps which can give the wearable devices a whole new world of entertainment. The smartwatches, fitness devices, and many more wearables will certainly see a big rise in the year. Companies like Uber and Zomato have heavily invested in the sector of wearable application development. You will surely see more wearable devices in the market in the coming time!

4. Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

Now the demand for frictionless payment process is getting among all through the different applications in the market. It is quite noticeable how users have changed their approach to shopping. They have slowly shifted from cash to debit and credit cards and from there on to e-wallets. And this is the reason why mobile stores have become the most preferred option for any kind of shopping needs. So, if you want to help your mobile store app users with great experience, it is important that you infuse payment gateways with the integration of mobile wallets with complete security. You will surely be able to feel this difference!

5. Cloud Integration

Cloud computing is becoming the talk of the town slowly and steadily. Yes, it did take time for businesses to understand the possibilities in offer with the computation of cloud integration. There are many advantages the business will entertain with, in the form of better storage, enhance loading capacity, reduced charges in hosting, organized operations, and also enhanced user retention. This shows why you will be seeing more of cloud integration in mobile applications.

6. Instant Mobile Applications

In 2016, the world saw the birth of instant mobile applications. Yes, they were way lighter in size and user-friendly. Most important as these applications did not require the process of downloading, it becomes much more convenient for users around the world. They accessed these applications right away without any need of downloading. 

This is the reason why users are constantly demanding more of it as it helps them with better user experience and also shorter load times. This will certainly rise and come into trend giving users a lot to cheer about.

7. Mobile Application Security 

You might say this nothing trending but there are still so many instances. These state the security lapses in the world of mobile applications that it needs more time. From Uber to Google and Facebook, there has been a report of issues with security. So application developers will surely be putting in more time in the cybersecurity. They will makesure that the users’ data is completely confidential as per the given laws. This year just might be the year where you will be able to bid adieu the security uncertainty of your mobile applications. 

Final Say 

In the last 3 to 4 years, users have really hooked to mobile application development trends. It continues to excite them with its innovation and security. The finest of brains will work together and bring out the best of mobile application development. This will give the right push to the future.

By Punit