Pregnancy is not just a word, it’s a feeling. It is the whole feeling where the existence of motherhood comes from. This phase is not that simple. It comes with happiness but along with that, it brings a lot of frustration and anxiety. The body of the woman goes through a lot during this phase and henceforth there are a lot of difficulties that arise. A woman craves a husband’s support and love during this time. There are different ways that you can follow to make your wife feel loved during her difficult phase.

1.) Try to be Creative

You need to be creative at times. Yes, it sounds a little childish but it will make your wife feel loved. You can prepare a small greeting card on your own and give it to her. This will make her understand that you love her and you do care for her and the child. You can also plan some small gifts that she likes or a surprise dinner. It sounds like a first date but it will surely work.

2.) Make Dinner

Though this is a very simple thing, small efforts by your side can enhance her beauty during this period. She is going through a lot of self-doubts during this period and a bit of effort from your side in terms of dinner and cleaning can make her mood go from bad to better. In this period, a woman generally craves a small love and pamper. Make sure that you pamper her a lot.

3.) Cuddle

During this phase, a woman generally thinks that a man is not at all interested in her. This becomes a reason where anxiety and frustration develop. You can cuddle her and do small kisses. It will show her that you are still interested in her. This will not only give her relief but she will be able to cope with her situations. Generally, self-doubt during this phase leads to many psychological diseases. Make sure your woman is not facing it.

4.) Foot Massage

During this time, a woman generally feels sometimes numb and heavy. The pain occurs in her foot which is unbearable. You can give your woman a good foot massage by using some amazing good smelling exotic oils. The foot rub will give her peace and will make her feel relaxed.

5.) Schedule a Spa

Sometimes the spa comes to the rescue. Planning a perfect spa for your woman can reduce all her stress and can give her the best sensation. You can plan a home spa indeed so she doesn’t have to travel much. Planning a spa for her can give her amazing relief. It will not only reduce her stress but will give her relaxation. It might reduce her frustration about her current situation.

6.) Love her and Respect her

These two words are easy to pronounce but their meaning is difficult. Sometimes, during this phase, we hardly give attention to our wives, and that’s where we lack. This becomes the only reason for her insecurity and overthinking. If you love your wife you need to show it through different things. You can either plan a date or small surprises which she likes.

Cuddle with her, hug her and kiss her. Sometimes physical touch becomes the perfect zone for healing. She craves your touch. With love give her respect too. She is carrying your baby for nine months and suffering through a lot. The phase is not easy as it comes with sudden urination, pain, and psychological problems. Act like a man and treat your wife like a queen.

By kamlesh