Find List of Top 4 Best Free Media Server Software Options

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Media Server Software

If you are hassling thought to find own media server software after doing a lot of penetration testing you received an uncountable dispute with your server software,

If yes?

So here I am sharing you a phenomenal opportunity for an entertainment server software list which is the best according to the review, rating, and user satisfaction because of quite simple in installing and downloading.

If you are looking so, stick for a moment and scroll to down.

Today no own have big time to digging such entertainment stuff everywhere.  So to remove such hazards in the market still a lot of media server software is available which accountable for delivering the best user satisfaction.


  • High video resolution quality.
  • Runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more.
  • With multiple skins.
  • Support almost all international languages with local subtitles.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Live Tv, Game, Movies including “Hollywood & Bollywood”, and many more.
  • Remote control
  • Easy installation after downloading.
  • Simple account management.
  • Open source available for all the operating systems.

Going through with below anyone entertainment software viewers can access every entertaining stuff from a single window which is an awesome opportunity to grab.

Truthfully all entertainment software accountable for presenting the best picture quality and audio including any entertainment stuff such as Movies “Hollywood and Bollywood”, game, news, radio, tv serials, and radio.

Below entertainment, software well supported on every trending platform such as windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux, and more.

The focused point, here downloading and installation process for each platform is separate from each other. Most probably these below entertainment server software belong from a single family, which in down you will able to check.

So let’s check who are the best form lines!!

1. Younity

  • Designed by:: Entangled media.
  • Operating System:: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • Type:: Media Player, Media enter.
  • Website::

Younity is the big market player existing more focus for mobile. This is one single software that does access your stored files such as internal and external both. Users just required to create a media library and after a single window, you can play with your all stuff.

“Create personal digital media files from a computer and another storage device”

This is the complete media software solution due to the unique feature of accessing the document and photos including international and local languages. It is developed with its own media server which is more accountable for a quality checkup of video and audio.

Due to having its own vulnerability testing department, it manages its own quality which is the added advantage for Younity.

2. PLex

  • Designed by:: Plex Inc.
  • Existing as:: Open source
  • Platform:: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and others.
  • Languages:: 43+.
  • Types:: Entertainment server software.
  • Download::

Plex stable release after 2007, 2 months ago before it was available but no one was familiar with Plex. But now it is a stable market player in the entertainment field.  After each alternate time does own vulnerability testing of Plex software.

Through penetration testing, it has achieved the ultimate result which makes it more accountable to deliver the best features and functions.

“Now port with XBMC and currently known by Kodi”

Earlier if you have experienced Kodi then you must use Plex, because it does support all the add-ons which Kodi does. Formerly Plex was available free during December 2007 developed by Elan Feingold for own Mac and after taking care of XBMC.

3. Kodi

  • Designed by:: XBMC developer.
  • From date:: 2002 (Xbox Media Player) & 2003(Xbox Media Center).
  • Supporting System:: Windows Vista and later, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Linux.
  • Download ::

Formerly Kodi was known as XBMC but its name has changed as Kodi. This is the one biggest player in the entertainment market which has a big amount of customer database. Kodi’s review and rating are outstanding with great user satisfaction.

“Designed for!! Windows  Vista and later, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Linux.”

Kodi and Plex now belong from a single-family. It does support all add-ons which Plex does but Kodi’s existence is older than Plex.  Kodi does support maximum international languages and local subtitles comparatively others do.

Supporting multiple skins makes Kodi so different and attractive. If you are interested to learn how to install Kodi for Pc so click on before shared link.

4. MediaPortal

  • In picture:: 15 years ago, 2004.
  • Designed in:: C#.
  • Operating system:: Microsoft Windows.
  • Download from::

MediaPortal is one more open source entertainment software that is specially designed for Windows users. This is similar to Kodi, which does support all the plugins which Plex & Kodi does. If you are the windows customer so MediaPortal is the best choice you have despite going others.

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“Specially designed for Windows with remote control access”

In media entertainment software this is the most senior age player accountable for delivering the best user experience.

Moreover, it can be controlled by any of the input devices such as Pc remote, Keyboard/ Mouse, GamePad, Kinect, Wii remote, and Android thought existing These remote control features make it more outstanding and different from own group.

Wrap Up with free media server software

Above I have shared top entertainment software including the best review and rating. Which names I have suggested you, among most of the open-source software and few open for both such as paid version and free version.

Meanwhile these above-suggested software reviews and rating data I have collected from the trusted sources those who are accountable for collecting and manipulating the user’s review and rating. And similarly responsible for publishing the data to desired.

Which information I have shared with you above in case of rolling up and down if you reach any difficulty so without taking much time to connect with the below comment box to get proper revert.

By Punit