Find Top 5 Benefits of Opting for Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting

Looking for a reliable and affordable website hosting service to establish a firm online presence? Your new business can do better with Linux shared hosting service. It will not only help you establish your online presence steadily but will allow you to do so at a cost that won’t pinch your pocket. For the uninitiated, Linux hosting runs on the Linux operating system and gives you complete control over server operations. Linux hosting comes with readily available scripts and programs. You can host and manage your website in a shared Linux hosting environment without any hassle while enjoying a superior hosting experience.

There are many hosting companies offering Linux shared hosting but to access the best benefits of the system you must choose a reputed Linux host. The key benefits of using Linux shared hosting solutions are:

  • Easy to use and intuitive control panel lets you configure and organize resources to match business needs.
  • The system comes with a six-zone security model which ensures that data is secured from unauthorized access
  • Supports MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL databases
  • Automated data backups for optimal security and availability of data
  • Seamless migration through a team of experts

The Key Benefits Of Using Linux Shared Hosting:

1. Smart Pricing

Linux shared hosting is an affordable hosting solution and that is easily one of the key benefits that you can enjoy. The open-source platform does not charge you for your hosting. Server hosts can thus keep their Linux hosting prices lower when compared to Windows shared hosting services. Your hosting is powered by many free scripts when you choose Linux hosting solutions.

Linux Shared Hosting

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is a key advantage of using a Linux server. With Linux, it becomes easy for users to create a website, blog, forum or multimedia application. Linux comes with a General Public License which allows its use with various distributions. This makes it much more flexible than other operating systems.

3. Superior Security

Solid security is what every user of hosting service desires but they are skeptical of the level of service offered by shared hosting. With Linux shared hosting, security concerns are non-existent as has been proven by several checks conducted over many years of its use. Linux has proven to be more secure than other shared hosting solutions.

4. Highly Reliable

It is acknowledged by many hosting experts that Linux provides an enhanced level of reliability than Windows as it is the first-ever operating system created. There are many features and factors in Linux that makes Linux significantly more trustworthy than other operating systems and hosting platforms.

5. Simple to Use

If you are looking for a truly simple, hassle-free and user-friendly shared web hosting platform, then Linux is a clear choice. Linux shared hosting solutions are known for its utter simplicity. In most cases, it can be even easier to handle than the renowned user-friendly Windows hosting. As it is compatible with PHP, MySQL, and Perl, it has emerged as a simple and trouble-free system that can be managed without too much effort.