Career as An IAS Officer

Indian Administrative Services, the steel frame of Indian Democracy is the most sought-after career among Indian youth. Every year lakhs of students aspire to become IAS, but only a few make it to the coveted list.

What is so unique about IAS that makes it such an attractive career option?

IAS provides the most challenging and diverse sets of assignments early in one’s career.The prestige and power that comes with the position cannot be put into words.  It provides an opportunity to engage at the grass-root level of socio-economic challenges and make a meaningful contribution to the life of common people.

Let us have a look at how the life of a UPSC aspirant’s changes after he/she becomes an IAS officer.

The Result Day

The feeling of seeing your name on the merit list of the most sought-after officers of the country is blissful and second to none. Suddenly, you start feeling special with wishes coming from friends, families, relatives, relatives of relatives and so on. The same people who considered you dumb or normal today will now give importance to you.

A few days’ after

The initial euphoria will settle down and you will see yourself become a responsible person. You will see how from a student who was cramming for exams before few days, you have become a part of the policy-making system of the country. Besides, anywhere you go, now you have power and authority with you and people will pay heed to your words.


All India service candidates undergo foundational course training in LalBahadurShastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). Here you will train among the cream of India. There will be guest lectures from eminent personalities about whom you had only heard on TV or read in books. Visits from Home Minister, Defense Minister, Prime Minister, and President will make you feel elevated.

Graduation ceremony

This is perhaps the best day in the life of an IAS aspirant. Normally, President of India gives a guest lecture and the candidates get to stay at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Inductance into service

Finally, you will be inducted into the service. Initially, you will be in a probationary period serving as an SDM or DM in a remote location.

A Typical Day in an IAS Officers Life

  • The day of an IAS officer starts as early as 8 o’clock in the morning and goes up to 8 o’clock in the night.
  • In the morning, he meets with the village headmen and public representatives. It helps in understanding the ground situation.
  • He/She is also responsible for reviewing and analyzing the important papers from various government departments such as Law and order, natural calamities, droughts, water problems, farmers and agriculturists meeting, fairs and festivals, anti-social elements, public health and family welfare, epidemics
  • Apart from that an IAS officer has to travel to different parts of the district for a better understanding of ground reality.

The salary and the other perks of an IAS officer

  • An IAS officer gets good accommodation, usually a big bungalow with security guards, gardeners, servants, and cooks. All of these are provided to him for a very low rent.
  • He gets a government car for official purposes.
  • He also gets the facilities of free electricity and telephone bills.
  • During official travels for duty, he/she gets the accommodation in very good Government bungalows and rest houses.
  • He can apply for a study leave for 5 years in a reputed foreign university, the cost of which will be paid by the government.
  • Moreover, an IAS is behind the formation and implementation of the policies of the Central and the various State Governments. He can work for the good of the people and this is the greatest perk among all.


As there is a saying “With great power comes greater responsibility”

The above-mentioned statement is true for an IAS officer. A single decision of an IAS officer has the power of influencing millions of lives and so he is expected to make decisions with utmost care and responsibility.

An IAS officer is on duty 24X7 when an emergency breaks into his jurisdiction like a flood or a natural calamity he is the one who takes all the important decisions to mobilize resources to provide relief to the common people.

Sometimes, his job becomes so demanding that he may not get enough time to even have food. Further, the good house and facilities given by the government are enjoyed by his family. Most of the time he will be working for public welfare.

But, this service is unparalleled and the happiness it brings to you is much more than these things.

The happiness of connecting a village by road or providing water to some hamlet or providing relief can’t be compared by any monetary standards. No other job provides you an opportunity to work for humanity from his birth up to his death, touching every aspect of his life.

By Punit