Keeping Home Safe From Christmas Burglars

With the festive season upon us, Christmas presents are aplenty, people are making the most of last
minute getaways to warmer climes and everyone is undoubtedly stressed at the prospect of getting
everything organized in time! But sadly at this time of year, criminals are always on the lookout for
their next target with electronics, jewellery and the latest gadgets the most appealing. To help keep
your home safe and secure during the Christmas period and beyond here are some top tips to save
you the hassle.

1. Dispose of packaging discreetly

One of the biggest giveaways for thieves is a quick look in your rubbish bin or at packaging left on
the pavement outside your home. It doesn’t take a genius to work out if you’ve just bought a brand
new TV or laptop, so try to dispose to cardboard boxes in a discreet way. Either break it down as
much as possible or keep with in the house until bin day comes so it’s not outside on full view. Be
smart and don’t give burglars any incentive to come snooping!

2. Keep your home well lit

Someone is much less likely to break into your home if you have outdoor motion detector lights that
come on whenever anyone approaches your house. If there’s no lights on, criminals might naturally
assume that no one is home, making it a much more appealing target. If you are on holiday, set
timers for lights inside your house to come on so it appears as if you’re home. This should be enough
of a deterrent for any potential thieves to risk breaking in.

3. Keep photos and serial numbers

If you’re buying presents with a particularly high value, it’s a good idea to take photos of the
different items and note down any serial numbers. If you do get burgled, these will be vital in any
police investigation and will surely help to recover any stolen items. Jot down as much info as
possible, it could really help you should the unthinkable happen.

4. Don’t post on social media

Sometimes an innocent post on Facebook about how you’re having such a marvelous time away
from home over the holiday season can sometimes end in tears. Don’t divulge too much information
about the fact you’re home not, where you are and when you’ll be back. This could make you a
prime target for a burglar on the lookout for their next target. Keep things short and sweet or wait
until you’re back home to update everyone on what an amazing trip you had.

5. Install a security alarm

If you want to put your mind at ease and keep your home safe, you could get an experienced
security firm to install an intruder alarm or CCTV systems. Not only is this a great investment but it is
also hugely off-putting for any thief to even contemplate breaking into your home. Sophisticated
systems alert you immediately so you are able to take appropriate action. Cameras will also allow
you to look back on footage if anything does go amiss.

Taking some simple precautions at this time of year can really help keep your home safe. Don’t let a Grinch ruin Christmas this year!