It was an exhilarating moment for Kaela Faloon when several years ago she quit her job as a waitress and decided to truly pursue dance. Letting go of that job felt like a life-changing moment for the Ottawa, Canada native. In a way, it was releasing her sense of security, but at the same time, she never would have fully trusted herself and her abilities to turn her passion into a career.

At that moment, she felt her career change, and she has since risen to the top of her industry in Canada, dancing alongside some of the world’s most iconic superstars, including Nick Jonas, Drake, Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, and more, and she has never looked back.

Kaela Faloon

This fateful decision eventually led Faloon to what she considers the highlight of her career, dancing for the Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, musician, dancer/choreographer, actress, activist, and philanthropist Mya Harrison, known as Mya for the artists “I Love the ’90s” Toronto performance in 2015. Faloon, who had been a fan of Mya’s since childhood and still remembers singing along to hits like “Case of the Ex”, “Ghetto Superstar”, “Best of Me”, “Lady Marmalade”, and “Take Me There” was thrilled by the idea of dancing alongside her idol.

“I remember getting an email from the choreographer confirming that I would be back up dancing for Mya, it was an absolute dream come true, and continues to be a dream come true to this day. Mya radiates talent, work ethic, independence, and professionalism, all the qualities I admire in a woman, and to have the honor to call her my boss is a gift I will never take for granted. She truly is an inspirational woman and being in her presence elevates me as a dancer, choreographer, and most importantly a woman,” said Faloon.

Kaela Faloon

The “I Love the ’90s” performance was just the beginning of a long and successful professional relationship between Faloon and Mya. Faloon has been one of the singer’s principle back up dancers for years, touring across Canada, and most recently touring across Australia. She has performed on many stages with Mya including the following shows; “I Love the ’90s”, “Ice Cream Festival”, “Toronto Pride” and many more.

I remember our first rehearsal together I was starstruck, which has never happened to me before, but I couldn’t believe that I was not only in the same room as Mya but that I had been chosen to be one of two dancers to be performing with her in front of thousands. It truly made me understand that nothing is unattainable, and no dream is ever too big. I have been one of Mya’s dancers ever since,” said Faloon.

With her many performances and tours, Mya and Faloon have helped fans revisit their favorite classic Mya tunes in addition to promoting her album “Smooth Jones” which went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional R&B Album, and “T.K.O” commemorating the 20th anniversary of her debut album, featuring her hit single “Ready For Whatever”.

These shows were crucial to introducing Mya’s fans to her new music and led her to complete her 10th studio album, and continue to set tour dates and performances both in the U.S and internationally, and Faloon is thrilled to have been a contributing factor to such outstanding success.

“Working with Mya has continued to elevate me as a performer because her shows are elaborate, intricate, and constantly evolving. Every time I perform with her, I am learning new choreography, new staging cues, new transitions, dancing with new props, dancing new genres of dance, and required to learn and confidently execute the entire show in a short amount of time.

Mya’s expectations are high, which I admire because it pushes me to meet that level of expectation and deliver it with ease. I am forever inspired when working with Mya, and my skill set and talent is forever being expanded because she is constantly elevating her shows which in turn elevates and challenging us to deliver even more,” Faloon described.

Being an integral part of Mya’s continued success story is surreal for Faloon, who herself learned to dance by listening to the singer’s hits in the nineties. Despite Mya being in Los Angeles and Faloon being in Toronto, Mya always requests for Faloon to join her on stage, knowing what a remarkable talent Faloon is. She trusts Faloon to prep via video, knowing that Faloon will put her heart and soul into every move she makes on stage.

“Mya is one of those artists who put on an incredibly entertaining show. Not only is her voice unbelievable live, but her performances also go above and beyond. Mya will always have live band components, props, costume changes, detailed lighting cues, intricate choreography that she performs with her dancers, and intimate interactions with her audience. Every time Mya steps on stage she delivers, and it’s incredibly humbling knowing she puts her full faith and trust in me to be a key element in her career success,” she concluded.

By Punit