Ionos Webmail And 1and1

Email has now become an important part of our life. We can never imagine ourselves without it. Especially In our professional lives. Before email, it was a little chaotic to run any business world. But now since we are so dependent on the internet it now seems likely impossible for us to live without the internet. The dependency on the internet is increasing day by day. And since we all are in this digital world, it seems highly unlikely to run anything without it. 

Therefore it is very important to have a reliable email service. It plays a very important role in a business owner’s life. Even if you are working on a very small business or very large firm, email services are really important for that. 

What is IONOS

So, in this article, we will be talking about one of the best email service providers IONOS, which was formerly named 1and1. 

It has a variety of services and features and tools, which will help you in assisting as well as managing your ‘online presence’. 

In This Article, We Will Be Covering What Is IONOS, The Login Process Of IONOS And How To Use 1and1 Webmail. 

Because, if you are new to IONOS webmail, you have to create an account first. Once you create an account, you then can log in to the IONOS dashboard. And after that only you will be able to manage your email services, domain, and web hosting. It has a very user-friendly interface and a very easy-to-use interface. With the help of that, you will be able to access your email with the help of the internet from any device. So, this is going to be a very fruitful article for all of you as you will be learning how to navigate the interface of 1and1 and access your ‘1and1 account.’

What Is IONOS Webmail? What Do You Mean By This Term?

IONOS webmail which was formerly popular as 1and1 is an email service provider. With the help of this, users can manage and access their emails through a web browser. By using this you do not need to have a separate email client such as Outlook etc. It is a very convenient service provider. This is one of the most popular email service providers. It has an easy-to-use interface. 

Apart from having common features, it has some really unique features as well for example live chat support. Your emails are also encrypted. Apart from that IONOS has some really needful features that can make the life of any business owner easy such as spam filtering, automatic email forwarding, and user-defined filters. IONOS also allows its users to customize its webmail, so according to your needs and preferences you can customize it. 

What is 1and1 Webmail?

So, to notify you there are two types of email. 

They are termed email and webmail. So, in webmail 1nd1 you do not have to use third-party software to send or receive email. This email service provider is fully web-based. All you need is just an internet connection and you can access your emails from anywhere. So only need 2 things; a good internet connection and access to a web browser. 

Along with this, webmail allows users to customize their domain by which you can make your email more professional and will help you stand out from many other people and customers.

Therefore, with the help of your IONOS, you are able to create your email domain which will help you stand out from your competitors and will give your emails a very professional and decent look. By using Webmail, you can manage your calendars and contacts in one place. This also includes creating your own folder, creating your own signature, and editing your custom signatures. 

So now the real question is how to create a 1and1 webmail account right? So now we will be telling you everything step by step. Follow the given steps now. 

You Can Create A 1and1 Account With Just These Few Steps. 

  1. Go to the IONOS website.
  2. Click on the “login” option, which you will be seeing in the top right corner of the IONOS website. 
  3. You have to enter your IONOS credentials.
  4. After entering your credentials you need to click on the “login” button.
  5. Once you are logged in you just have to click on the Email tab, which will be on the top navigation menu.
  6. After doing that you need to select the “create an email address” option, which you will be seeing from the dropdown menu. 
  7. You need to choose the password, a strong password and please remember that. After choosing a password you need to enter the desired email address as per your choice. 
  8. You can even set up a forwarding address if you desire to receive emails that have been sent to your new email address at another address. 
  9. You can choose the storage size and according to that you need to limit the amount of space for your attachments and emails.
  10. Whatever email package you choose, depending on that you will have access to all the features as well as tools that you will get.
  11. After completing all of it you will be seeing a “buy now” button. Therefore, review your order summary, and in order to complete the purchase click on “Buy Now”. 
  12. After completing all the steps in order to access your 1and1 account, you need to just login into your IONOS dashboard. After that select the “email tab” and that’s it. 

Now you have created a 1and1 webmail account, yay!! Now you can start receiving emails and sending them as well. Just always remember to check the spam emails that will be in the spam folder so that you can manage your emails effortlessly. 

Now, The Next Question Is How Can You Manage And Use One And One Webmail Services.

So it is very simple. If you want to use the 1and1 webmail, all you need to do is log in to the ‘IONOS webmail portal’ directly which can be done by two methods either by using ‘the official IONOS Webmail portal’ or by using the ‘IONOS Webmail URL’.

How To Access IONOS Webmail On Your Mac Or PC?

If you want to access IONOS Webmail on your Mac or PC, you just have to follow the given steps. They are very easy to follow and you do not need to worry or work hard for that. They are very easy. So the steps are here below.

  1. You first have to have an internet connection. 
  2. You need to open the browser.
  3. Now, you need to navigate to the official website of IONOS. 
  4. You will be seeing a ‘sign in’ option. So, click on that. You will find that in the upper right corner of the site. 
  5. Now, with the help of IONOS credentials, sign in to your IONOS account.
  6. Now, you need to select the Webmail Option. So, do that. 
  7. Now, you need to proceed to the ‘one and one’ webmail login page to access your IONOS email account. 

Note:– you will find a webmail option under MORE IONOS LOGINS, therefore you do not have to log in with an IONOS account in order to access your webmail. 

The Next Section Contains Information Regarding How You Can Log In 1and1 Webmail Account

Since you have created your 1and1 webmail account, in order to login into your account you just need to follow the given steps. Just like the above steps they too are really easy to follow and you do not have to worry much about that, 

After you create your 1and1 webmail account, all you need is to have and create your own 1and1 account. So the steps are here below.

  1. You first have to log in with a browser.
  2. You need to open your Web browser.
  3. Type ‘’, then log in to the address bar.
  4. You will see a section in which you need to type your email that has been registered before and the password that you have kept. 
  5. After typing it all, you will be seeing a notification written “remember me”, You should check the box of that, and your credential will be saved for further use. 
  6. Then, in the end, you need to click on the option called “sign-in”, and Tadahh!! You are now logged in. 

There Is Another Way To Do The Same, This Is Also Very Easy. So, Go Through It As Well.

  1. You need to use the URL section of the browser for the 1and1 email account or you can simply type address. 
  2. You can find the ‘1and1 Webmail official page’ there.
  3. Now, you need to enter your logging information or credentials, after that click on the “sign-in” option.
  4. Click on “More IONOS Logins”.
  5. Now, you need to Locate “Webmail”. 

So, The Next Section Contains The Information Reading How To Set Up A 1and1 Webmail Account On Your Ipad, Iphone, Or Ipod 

There are very few and simple steps that you need to follow in order to set up your 1and1 webmail account. They are very easy to follow. 

  1. From the home screen you need to access your device’s settings.
  2. To do that, you need to select from the menu mail, contacts, and the calendar.
  3. Then, you need to click on the Add Account Option, which you will be seeing at the top right corner of the screen. 
  4. Now, you will be seeing the Add Mail Account option, select that. 
  5. Once you do that, you will be asked to add and enter your account details. Therefore, enter your email address, name, and password.
  6. There will be an option to choose between two options, they are IMAP and POP3 types of accounts. However, I would suggest you all choose the IMAP type account option, by doing that you can retrieve from the server your deleted emails.  
  7. The account is now going to be set up and we are done!

To Conclude

To sum up all, IONOS is a really user-friendly webmail interface. It is really easy to use and very reliable. Therefore you should go for it if You are really looking for the best and reliable email service provider. 

With the steps that are given to you, you can easily know and learn to access an IONOS account as well as use the One and One webmail. Because it is very important to have an official email address, even if you are working as a small business. As it is a very convenient way to manage and access your email services. 

We hope you got what you were looking for. Do let us know what else you would like to know about, we would try our best to help you guys in solving your problems. Have fun and laugh. 🙂