Installing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters play a key role in improving the appearance and value of your home. So, you should be careful while choosing a plantation shutter for your windows. The installation process is another challenge you are going to face after a buying decision. The more you pay attention to details while carrying out this process, the better the results you will come up with.

Here are a few best tips mentioned to help you deal with the installation of plantation shutters.

1. Measurements

You should take the right measurements before the installation to make sure that your chosen product is perfectly fitted to your windows. One of the best ways is to measure squareness which you can simply do by measuring from one corner of the window to its other opposite corner. Even if you trust your skills and expertise as a DIYer, you must learn to install slightly smaller sized frames on your windows in a way that leaves the molding exposed. However, if you feel like it is not your cup of tea, you should better call a professional for help.

2. Unpacking

You must unpack your plantation shutters carefully to keep them safe from scratches. It is advised to unpack the box in an area where the floor is covered with carpets or rugs. Also, you should read the stickers on the panels carefully as they would help you choose the right panel and direction for each of your windows.

3. Mounting Options

You should consider different mounting options to install your plantation blinds in the right place. They can be mounted both outside and inside however, it depends upon the available space and other important details that where the blinds should be installed. If you have limited space inside, you can consider installing them outside.

4. Cleaning

You should also invest some time in the detailed cleaning of your windows. It would help make sure that your frames don’t develop any mold, mildew, scratches, or another critical issue later. You can also hire any professional cleaner to perform the job effectively.

5. Tools & Equipment

If you have decided to install plantation shutters on your own, you must have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the process. The most common tools include a tape measure, drill, impact driver, and pencil. If your measurements are on point, these tools would be enough for your shutters to fit in perfectly. But if you are even a little skeptical about your skills, you should call a professional for help who knows how to fulfill the requirements of your manufacturer.

6. Screws

While you install your shutters, you should be careful with the positioning of the screws. A little negligence might end up causing a huge loss. So, you should double-check whether there is a gap between the frames and windows or not. If there is no gap, you should try to make the screws loose. You can also use caulk to cover the gap.

By Punit